PROFINET / PROFIBUS Proxy connector

Upgrading a PROFIBUS Slave to PROFINET
  • Quick and easy transformaton from a PROFIBUS DP Slave to a PROFINET IO-Device

  • Direct mounting to the PROFIBUS interface

  • Full support of PROFIBUS alarms, diagnosis, and DPV1

  • Automatic generation of the PROFINET GSDML file

  • Certified device renders PROFINET certification by the customer unnecessary

netLINK PROXY integrates any PROFIBUS DP Slave into a superordinate PROFINET network. Designed as a connector, the device is plugged directly onto the PROFIBUS DP interface of the DP Slave and connected to the PROFINET network via socket RJ45.

On the PROFINET side, netLINK behaves like an ordinary I/O device. In accordance with the guidelines of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI), the process data of the DP Slave are mapped as a module into the PROFINET slot/subslot.

Commissioning is performed via the Ethernet port via a direct connection to the PC or, if already installed, via a PROFINET switch during run time. netLINK PROXY is configured with the FDT/DTM-based tool for planning, configuration, and diagnosis.

It only takes a few steps to make netLINK ready for operation. If the GSD-file of the slave is not available directly, a scan function allows its automatic identification on the PROFIBUS. As soon as the configuration and I/O process data length of the slave are identified, automatically converts the parameters into a standardized GSDML file. Importing this file into PROFINET controller configuration tools of any kind as well as the commissioning of the netLINK is simple.

netLINK Proxy has a 24 V supply. During installation, the voltage can be tapped comfortably from the DP-Slave and applied to the 2-pin COMBICON connector. The short transmission distance on PROFIBUS renders a bus terminal resistor unnecessary.

The netLINK PROXY is the cost-effective and practical alternative to a new development to easily integrate an existing PROFIBUS DP-Slave device into the PROFINET world.

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PROFINET / PROFIBUS Proxy connector