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netX 51 Chip Carrier with an additional memory - Real-Time Ethernet slave

Ready-to-solder netX design in stamp format
  • Compact slave interface without transformer

  • Considerably increased memory capacity

  • Host connection via dual-port memory or SPI

  • One hardware for all Real-Time Ethernet systems

Real-Time Ethernet solution for IT functions and IoT

The rapid and secure alternative to a slave interface developed by the customer is netRAPID. The compact, stamp-sized, 32 x 32 mm netX Chip Carrier is a solution that offers adequate costs per unit, a reduced risk, and a fast time-to-market. Like a standard QFP component, it will be soldered directly to the host system - by hand or SMD production process.

netRAPID 51-RE offers Real-Time Ethernet communication, an integrated web server as well as an additional transparent Ethernet channel to enable customers to realize their own IT solutions in the host processor of the automation device. The application can access the internal TCP/IP stack via socket interface or the netRAPID Ethernet-MAC directly via raw Ethernet interface.

netRAPID 51-RE contains additional IoT communication, i.e. an integrated OPC UA server and an MQTT client.

For extended communication tasks, the netRAPID contains an SQI Flash, the netX multi-protocol chip, and an additional SDRAM. Ethernet transformers, network connectors, LEDs, and address switches need to be integrated on the printed circuit board.

To be able to profit from the full function of netRAPID, the licensed firmware must be acquired once and loaded during the manufacturing process.

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netX 51 Chip Carrier with an additional memory - Real-Time Ethernet slave


netRAPID 51 Evaluation Board - Real-Time Ethernet

Equipped with an NRP 51-RE