netFIELD Compact X8M is now officially a Microsoft Azure certified device

Hattersheim, 22. Jun. 2023 – The Edge Gateway netFIELD Compact X8M of the Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is now listed in the official Azure certified device catalog. Microsoft thus certifies the successful connectivity between the runtime Azure IoT Edge and the cloud connector Azure IoT Hub. With this functionality, the Hattersheim-based specialist for industrial communication sets the foundation for device and container management of edge devices via the Internet. This option paves the way for machine builders and plant operators to significantly increase performance, productivity and sustainability. All gateways from Hilscher’s holistic managed industrial IoT portfolio have this basic function.

For maximum security and authenticity of the devices and their operating system, netFIELD Compact X8M is equipped with High Assurance Boot. The main processor has an integrated, unchangeable certificate, which requires compatibility with the cross-signed software that is booted on it. Thus, manipulation of hardware and software can be reliably ruled out for critical applications.

A black device hovers on a colorful background. On the lft you can see the Microsoft Azure logo in blue on a white background.
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In addition to centralized device and container management, customers benefit from our Azure-certified devices in the form of over-the-cloud software updates. Manual on-site updates are now a thing of the past. This significantly reduces response times, for example as a result of ordering software or when discovering a new security vulnerability. The edge gateways also serve as ideal access points to advanced IoT projects. For example, processes can be studied and analyzed using otherwise unused data sources and their input into modern machine learning and artificial intelligence logic in order to detect anomalies and initiate optimizations.

Armin Beck

Product Manager Edge Gateways

Hilscher Gesellscahft für Systemautomatin mbH

Hilscher’s Ecosystem for Managed Industrial IoT

Under the netFIELD brand, Hilscher unites its holistic ecosystem for managed industrial IoT. It enables modern, cloud-based Industry 4.0 solutions. The various infrastructure components—from edge devices to software containers, to the cloud—help users reliably and securely manage their devices remotely, using them for data aggregation. This allows companies to process the endless pool of unused machine and plant data outside the control layer and use it to monetize newly gained insights.

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A black device hovers on a colorful background. On the lft you can see the Microsoft Azure logo in blue on a white background.

netFIELD Compact X8M is listed in Microsofts's Azure Certified Device catalog. Read more about it here.

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Our edge gateways are intelligent data routers between the automation level and the information technology level. They aggregate, process or transmit additional IoT information of your production process completely autonomously—locally or via the cloud.

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MULTIVAC, the leading manufacturer of integrated packaging solutions, develops customer-oriented services with netFIELD, enabling higher machine availability

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