Managed Industrial IoT: Hilscher further develops its holistic netFIELD portfolio

Hattersheim, 31. May 2023 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is constantly working on the optimization and expansion of its managed industrial IoT product portfolio. Under the netFIELD brand, the specialist for industrial communication technologies offers a unified holistic ecosystem for modern, cloud-based Industry 4.0 solutions. The infrastructure components enable efficient management of network-integrated industrial environments—from sensors to the cloud. This provides users with extensive options for aggregating, processing, and monetizing their asset data. The release of netFIELD OS 2.4, Hilscher’s runtime environment for edge devices, is yet another building block in its holistic solution.

Enhanced thanks to customer feedback

Hilscher has a broad know-how in both worlds: IT and OT. In dialog with customers, the specialist for industrial communications is constantly developing its managed industrial IoT portfolio, consisting of an edge management platform, turnkey application containers, edge gateways and the netFIELD OS. With the release of netFIELD OS 2.4, Hilscher delivers performance improvements and extended configuration options for its runtime environment for edge devices.

About netFIELD OS:

netFIELD OS is a lean operating system optimized for operation between a fieldbus network, the corporate network, and the cloud application. The operating system and Docker applications can be managed centrally. It also enables transparent remote access to all components. The UI of the local device manager lets the user manage all settings and services, which can be extended via an open and documented plug-in mechanism.


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Hilscher – empowering communication

IoT is increasingly making its way into industry. But managing the growing number of networked, heterogeneous devices is increasingly presenting businesses with new problems. The difficulty is that not only the edge devices, but also their software, data streams, and many other aspects need to be managed. So a holistic approach is always necessary to seamlessly implement IT-OT convergence. But once mastered, companies are able to tap into enormous potential for increasing performance, productivity, flexibility, and sustainability.

Dr. Marek Meyer

Product Manager Sensor-2-Cloud Products

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

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Hilscher's ecosystem for managed industrial IoT:

Under its netFIELD brand, Hilscher offers a unified holistic ecosystem for managed industrial IoT. It enables modern, cloud-based Industry 4.0 solutions. The various infrastructure components—from edge devices to software containers, to the cloud—help users reliably and securely manage their devices remotely, using them for data aggregation. This allows companies to process the endless pool of unused machine and plant data outside the control layer and use it to monetize newly gained insights.

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netFIELD OS includes our basic range of system software and runtime components. Our netFIELD OS Edge is the heart of the solution. Coupled with turn-key software containers, you can create your own IoT world in no time at all.

Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.

An overview of our Managed Industrial IoT platform: netFIELD is your IIoT edge infrastructure for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. It enables you to make your machine data accessible and the necessary software and hardware centrally manageable.

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