Hilscher is a member of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

Hattersheim, 08. May 2023 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is a member of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance (SPESA). The common goal is to establish Single Pair Ethernet as an international standard for all areas where Ethernet connections are replaced or newly established.

For more than 35 years, Hilscher communication solutions have been helping customers identify and exploit new trends in automation in good time. Hilscher’s mission is to harness SPESA to expand the use of Single Pair Ethernet technology in the marketplace and to share experiences and use cases with member companies. This creates synergies benefiting all parties involved.

Hilscher unveiled the pre-production stand of Hilscher’s SPE media converter, Hilscher’s first SPE-based product, at the joint stand with SPESA at Hannover Messe 2023 (HMI). This switch operates on OSI layer 1 and is used to convert electrical signals from one physical layer to the next. Customers will be able to use the SPE media converter with 100BASE-TX cables for Fast Ethernet and with 10BASE-T1L cables for Single Pair Ethernet. The release of the SPE media converter is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

Possible use cases include:

  • Integration of SPE sensors in brownfield applications for more functionality
  • Integration of legacy sensors into SPE networks
  • Integration of IoT features into existing systems

In SPE technology, Hilscher sees a good opportunity to close the communication gap between sensors and the cloud and to be able to build homogeneous networks.

Single Pair Ethernet was also one of the main topics at HMI 2023. Eager start-ups and big players alike presented their innovative solutions based on the new Ethernet standard in Hanover. This is also reflected in the steady growth of the SPE community: now with over 50 member companies, the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance is a strong association of members supporting each other to get the most out of the new technology.


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Hilscher – empowering communication

We believe that Single Pair Ethernet will be an important standard moving forward. A smart implementation in the market will especially help end users and customers to really make good use of this technology. Once implemented, advantages such as a fast data transfer of 10 Mbit/s over long distances can be reached. With the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance and its members we’ve aligned ourselves with competent partners who will be able to help us push forward and further develop this exciting new technology.

Simon Fischer

Product Manager

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

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The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance is a worldwide association of more than 50 leading technology companies for the implementation and further development of the trend-setting Single Pair Ethernet technology. Learn more on the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance website.

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Part 1 of our blog series about SPE: Single-pair Ethernet, as a new initiative to enable IP based networks to each sensor, adds value through thinner cabling, small footprint plugs and connectors and less space requirements. For that reason, it is suitable to replace numerous existing fieldbuses in the sensor and peripheral area by integrating sensors directly to IT- and Cloudsystems.

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