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Take advantage of modern communication technologies

The increasing integration of machines, and production plants and their components into communication networks opens up all kinds of new possibilities for monitoring industrial processes. With smart communication and IoT solutions, you can tap into unused potential and benefit from previously unmined data. The consolidated aggregation and analysis of information reveals many unimagined insights that can be used to create new business models. Based on our many years of market-leading expertise, we have a broad portfolio of industrial communication solutions. We provide the necessary tools and expertise to help you aggregate, coordinate and utilize your data — whether in new or existing plants. From IO-Link solutions to multi-protocol network interfaces and smart edge devices to remote management and network analysis tools, we have the right solutions for every machine and plant.

Challenges facing machine and plant builders
Flexibility and variability

Your IPCs and HMIs must be able to support many different protocols across different markets and regions. With our multi-protocol solutions, you can turn this into a competitive advantage for your business. Respond flexibly to customer requests. Using a single piece of hardware, your systems are compatible with all protocols.

Brownfield systems

Add IoT functionalities to existing plants without negatively affecting your networks: our Edge IO-Link Master solutions make it possible. Our network analysis solutions deliver data filtering and protocol logging.

Remote management

As a machine builder, you need to serve a global market. But manual monitoring and management of on-site systems is expensive and outdated. Our netFIELD ecosystem offers you a wide range of solutions to centrally monitor and manage your IoT projects.

Hilscher: Empowering Communication

As a communication specialist, it is Hilscher's mission to support plant and machine builders with innovative solutions. We give you the freedom to focus on your core competencies while relying on over 35 years of experience in industrial communication and cutting-edge technologies. From standard gateways, and protocol conversion to combined edge and cloud solutions, our portfolio offers everything you need to prepare your production systems and plants for modern Industry 4.0 infrastructures. Our solutions also enable you to easily integrate existing systems into fieldbus, Real-Time Ethernet and Industry 4.0 environments. Together with you, we can implement every application. Numerous machine and plant manufacturers across a wide range of industries already rely on our communication solutions, including industries such as industrial image processing, device and system testing, packaging, F&B, maintenance and process automation.

Learn more about Hilscher products in action
Thermal spray coating machine by Oerlikon.

Oerlikon Metco AG setzt netFIELD ein, um die Echtzeit-Datenerfassung von Industriemaschinen wie thermischen Spritzanlagen weltweit zu ermöglichen.

netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.

Vom Motorcontroller bis zur Konsolidierung gesamter Schaltschrankinhalte realisieren dieEntwickler Elektronik (dEE) innovative netX-90-Projekte und erschließen die gesamte interne Peripherie des kleinen Multiprotokollcontrollers.

An actuator by SCHIEBEL painted in black on white background with a red spring incorporated on the left side.

Mit den Embedded-Modulen netIC 52 und netRAPID 90 von Hilscher bindet SCHIEBEL seine Stellantriebe an industrielle Kommunikationsnetze an und setzt mit einem neuen Steuerungsboard Maßstäbe.

A clean and bright inside of a factory with several machines lined up left and right. On two white rails at the upper half of the picture Güdel is written in red large letters. In the foreground, a sheet of metal lays on a conveyor belt.

Der Anlagenbau-Spezialist Güdel aus der Schweiz realisiert mit netFIELD fortschrittliche IIoT-Lösungen von der punktuellen Verschleißüberwachung bis zum ganzheitlichen Industrie-4.0-Ansatz.

A pneumatic valve application with many cables and lines going about, disappearing into a cabinet on the bottom. On the far right side, AVENTICS is written on the device. In the background, you can see some green and blue boxes. The valve application is mounted on a sheet of metal.

Emerson, ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Automatisierungstechnik und Software, aktiviert OPC UA in den AVENTICS™-Ventilsystemen und vereinfacht die IIoT-Integration und Analysefähigkeiten mit dem netX90.

Titleimage Systemtechnik Leber

Systemtechnik LEBER und E-T-A entwickeln mit Hilfe des netX 90 einen platzsparenden und preissensitiven Buscontroller zur Überwachung elektronischer Sicherungsautomaten.

A man with a blue hard hat and safety glasses is working on a orange robot arm.

netANALYZER unterstützt den Servicespezialisten Leadec zuverlässig bei der Fehlersuche in Real-Time-Ethernet-Netzwerken.

A packaging machine from MULTIVAC.

Der führende Hersteller integrierter Verpackungslösungen MULTIVAC entwickelt kundenorientierte Services und ermöglicht höhere Maschinenverfügbarkeit mit netFIELD.

A female factory worker in pharmaceutical clothing standing beside a large fluid machinery.

netTAP 151 bietet eine flexible und skalierbare Lösung für die einfache Integration unabhängiger Verarbeitungssysteme in ein industrielles Kommunikationsnetzwerk.

A pneumatic test bench with several cables going in and out, placed in a production environment.

Die müller+krahmer GmbH realisiert mit Hilschers cifX-PC-Karten Pneumatik-Prüfstände mit on-the-fly-Protokollwechsel.

A grey box with several connectors up front.

Für die Entwicklung innovativer Produkte setzt das Ingenieurbüro kumkeo GmbH als eines der ersten Unternehmen auf den netX 90, den weltweit kleinsten Multiprotokollchip von Hilscher.

2 panel PCs facing each other, another IPC with netJACK highlighted blue in the foreground.

IPC Spezialist ADS-TEC Industrial IT nutzt das Optionsmodul netJACK als universelle Lösung, um seine industriellen Box PCs und HMIs bedarfsorientiert, flexibel und werkzeuglos mit Master- und Slave-Funktionalitäten auszurüsten.

Front view of a NORD inverter standing upright with connectors on bottom.

Der Antriebshersteller NORD DRIVESYSTEMS realisiert mit netX kompaktere Baugröße und vereinfacht Servicing.

Worker inspecting an electrical Installation at a Leadec plant.

netMIRROR ermöglicht dem Fabrik-Servicespezialisten Leadec die schnelle und zuverlässige Fehlersuche in Real-Time-Ethernet Netzwerken.

Der Bildverarbeitungsspezialist VITRONIC integriert mit den cifX-PC-Karten automatisierte Systeme für die Prüfung von Schweißnähten in eine Vielzahl von Real-Time-Ethernet- und Feldbus-Netzwerken.

The right solutions for every application

You'll be able to collect extensive data from your OT devices using our powerful edge gateways. Via Docker applications you can process your data locally or transfer them to a cloud instance. Our netFIELD Cloud with its user-friendly interface provides you with a wide range of containerized applications as a service. This allows you to remotely manage your IoT devices and deploy your own applications globally.

With our netFIELD IO-Link Wireless Master, you can also connect up to 16 IO-Link devices bidirectionally in fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet networks. An OPC UA server and an MQTT client are also integrated into the rugged IP67 device for IoT connectivity. The device enables you to aggregate, diagnose, and configure data in demanding environments independent of their network. On request, we also offer the device as a white-label product for your own rebranding.

The netTAP gateways serve as data converters for countless fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocol conversions. This allows you to flexibly integrate your machines and plants into any production network—without incurring your own development costs.

We also deliver proven tools for data acquisition and analysis of the data gleaned from Real-Time Ethernet networks. Our netANALYZER lets you analyze your communication networks, minimizing downtimes and the associated costs, while our netMIRROR gives you a completely passive and permanent test access point for your communication.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Gain access to our comprehensive know-how based on years of experience
  • Custom solutions for highly individual projects
  • Lower development costs
  • Fast time to market
  • Easy integration
  • Comprehensive portfolio for industrial communication
  • Support and additional services throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Long-term product availability
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Two Hilscher employees discussing a contract.

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem Integrationspartner für Ihr industrielles Kommunikationsprojekt? Von multiprotokollfähigen netX-Chips bis IIoT-Anwendungen – unser Netzwerk aus Partnerunternehmen bietet Ihnen den Support, den Sie benötigen!

Employee sitting on the back of a couch in Hilscher's office building.

Durch unsere Lösungen kommunizieren weltweit Maschinen automatisiert und sicher miteinander. Von Kommunikations-Controllern über PC-Karten und Embedded-Module bis hin zu Netzwerkanalyse und Industrie 4.0 – wir ermöglichen industrielle Kommunikation. Lesen Sie unsere Success Stories.

Communication controllers and printed circuit boards are extensively tested at Hilscher in Germany.

Wir machen industrielle Kommunikation möglich. Vom Legacy-Feldbus über Real-Time-Ethernet bis in die Cloud. Unsere Lösungen sind multiprotokollfähig, flexible und zuverlässig. Grundlage dafür ist unser fundiertes Wissen über Automatisierungstechnik – welches sich in unserer Technologie widerspiegelt.