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Unterstützung für Ihre Projekte

How can we help you with your projects?

Find out how we can help you successfully implement your projects with our network of partners. Are you just looking for a list of potential distribution partners for your market? You can find them on our Contact page

Are you an automation specialist and you’re looking to become an integration partner for our communication technology? Contact us


Our team of product experts and field application engineers can help you in the decision-making process and verify that your intended solution can be implemented with our technology.

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During the concept phase, we’ll work together to develop a clear picture of how your project will be implemented.

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We offer you three options for your development process:

1. Develop your own product the way you want it:

  • We provide support beyond the evaluation package. We offer hardware, software, training, and device pre-certification.

2. We develop your product for you:

  • You receive your project as a ready-to-order product from our production team. We look after technical support issues and also provide maintenance such as replacing discontinued components.

3. Product development from one of our integration partners

  • Work with one of our qualified integration partners to develop and maintain the components of your solution and plan for series production with them or your EMS service provider.
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Series production

Take your product to serial production – in your own production facilities, in our modern SMD production in Germany, together with an integration partner from our network or with one of your own production partners.

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Maintenance and Obsolescence Management

Keep your devices and machines up to date, replace faulty components and switch out discontinued components at the right time – our network of competent partners stands ready to support you in these tasks!

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From plant design to device design or network analysis – our partners offer support for every area of production

Need support for your project?

Click on your respective segment and go to our Contact page. There you can filter, for which country as well as segment you want to request support.

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Plant Design

Consulting and engineering support for your Industry 4.0 application or network analysis.

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Production Line Design

Consulting, engineering and support to implement a solution quickly.

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Machine Engineering

Consulting and support to implement a solution quickly.

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Device Design

Consulting, engineering and support for efficient product development and fast time-to-market.

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Industrial IoT

Consulting and engineering support for your Industry 4.0 application.

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Network Analysis

Consulting and engineering support for your Industry 4.0 applicationor network analysis.

Our contacts for your project
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Oliver Heidl

Partner Management


Telefon: +49 (0) 152 02044324

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Jörg Zimmermann

Partner Management


Tel.: +49 (0) 172 9989 051

Kontakt Hilscher

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Tel: +49 (6190) 9907-90


News about the Hilscher partner network

Want to win new customer projects? Become a Hilscher integration partner!

Become an integration partner of Hilscher and expand your portfolio with technology from the market leader in industrial communication.

We’ll minimize the risks of building your own communication solution and accelerate your time to market. Stay focused on your core business. We’ll take care of communications. You get access to the entire factory automation protocol portfolio—pre-certified and compliant with the latest specifications.

With our netX technology, you only need a single hardware design for all common communication protocols. We provide support with individual training and workshops and you get direct contact to a dedicated contact person from our expert team.

Contact us


A hand in a white glove holds an embedd module from Hilscher. Mounted on the green square module is a netX 52.
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Von schlüsselfertigen Produkten über hochintegrierte Lösungen bis hin zu ergänzender Software – Hilscher ist Ihr Partner für industrielle Kommunikation. Verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick, wie Sie mit uns die Vernetzung Ihrer Maschinen auf ein neues Level bringen!

Employee sitting on the back of a couch in Hilscher's office building.

Durch unsere Lösungen kommunizieren weltweit Maschinen automatisiert und sicher miteinander. Von Kommunikations-Controllern über PC-Karten und Embedded-Module bis hin zu Netzwerkanalyse und Industrie 4.0 – wir ermöglichen industrielle Kommunikation. Lesen Sie unsere Success Stories.

Communication controllers and printed circuit boards are extensively tested at Hilscher in Germany.

Wir machen industrielle Kommunikation möglich. Vom Legacy-Feldbus über Real-Time-Ethernet bis in die Cloud. Unsere Lösungen sind multiprotokollfähig, flexible und zuverlässig. Grundlage dafür ist unser fundiertes Wissen über Automatisierungstechnik – welches sich in unserer Technologie widerspiegelt.