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netX Lifecycle Support

Our netX technology makes industrial communication possible and optimal: with the system solution consisting of communication processors, software, firmware and services, you get everything from a single source. We'll partner with you to take care of everything from the proof of concept to maintenance, ensuring your processes run smoothly.

We offer professional consulting and comprehensive support for complete system integration, enabling you to make the most of our netX technology. We also offer workshops and training courses so that you can use the desired functions and further develop them to meet your specific requirements. Even after the release of your products, our technology is constantly improved and kept up to date—we keep an eye on the trends for you.


netX lifecycle support

The product lifecycle: proof of concept – development – certification – maintenance. Each step has its own idiosyncrasies to be mindful of, requiring its own structured and goal-oriented approach. Our experienced experts provide the support you need in all phases with technical know-how, fresh ideas and first-class expertise.

Proof of concept

Together with you we'll define the goals, specifications and requirements of your netX solution. Our experts will contribute their know-how and experience, develop solutions and assess the risks. They'll give you expert advice on specific functions and how to make the best use of them. The proof of concept creates a concrete plan on how to develop your individual system solution on time and reliably.


Step by step, the concept will be implemented and your netX product developed. Our experts employ both traditional and agile methods to master any arising challenges, together with you. We provide you with the individual support you need depending on your requirements. We're also happy to test your network performance in advance and your certification using our verification methodology, test hardware or specific metrics.


Certification is an important milestone at the end of the project and proves that your individual netX product reliably meets the market requirements. It is checked according to the desired features and use cases. Our experts also assist you before certification with their years of experience in networking: your netX product is carefully tested in customized workshops to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the certification process.


Even the best concept can only achieve the desired success if the required elements and components of your netX product are also available. That's why we check if the recommended components are available and offer you alternatives if necessary. We also keep you up-to-date on new developments and updates in network technology and ensure that your netX product is always market-ready and up-to-date. 

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Communication controllers and printed circuit boards are extensively tested at Hilscher in Germany.

Wir machen industrielle Kommunikation möglich. Vom Legacy-Feldbus über Real-Time-Ethernet bis in die Cloud. Unsere Lösungen sind multiprotokollfähig, flexible und zuverlässig. Grundlage dafür ist unser fundiertes Wissen über Automatisierungstechnik – welches sich in unserer Technologie widerspiegelt.

Employee sitting on the back of a couch in Hilscher's office building.

Durch unsere Lösungen kommunizieren weltweit Maschinen automatisiert und sicher miteinander. Von Kommunikations-Controllern über PC-Karten und Embedded-Module bis hin zu Netzwerkanalyse und Industrie 4.0 – wir ermöglichen industrielle Kommunikation. Lesen Sie unsere Success Stories.

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