Employee sitting on the back of a couch in Hilscher's office building.
empowering communication



我们的解决方案使世界各地的机器能够自主、安全地相互通讯。从通讯控件、PC 板卡和嵌入式模块到网络分析和工业 4.0,我们让工业通讯成为可能。



Three black and silver devices on a white background. CODA is written on the devices in large red letters.

Orange Precision Measurement implements PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP as well as DeviceNet using Hilscher's netX 90 multiprotocol communication controller, enabling the American manufacturer of precision measurement tools to supply its products to various customers.

A man and a woman in high visibility vest are looking at a notebook, Both are wearing white helmets. In the background are machines.

Hilscher’s Flagship Store for the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance (OI4) Community brings the ease of app stores to the industrial world. Powered by Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter licensing, the store gives users access to a library of apps and solutions for their shop floor automation needs.

Thermal spray coating machine by Oerlikon.

Surface solution specialist Oerlikon Metco AG uses netFIELD to enable real-time data collection from industrial applications, such as thermal spray painting machines, from around the world.

netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.

电机控制器整个控制柜内容的整合,dieEntwickler Elektronik(dEE)实施了创新型 netX 90 项目并开启小型多协议控制器的整个内部外围。点击此处了解更多关于我公司集成合作伙伴的信息!

An actuator by SCHIEBEL painted in black on white background with a red spring incorporated on the left side.

借助赫优讯的嵌入式模块 netIC52netRAPID 90SCHIEBEL 将其执行器连接到工业通讯网络,并通过新型控制板设定标准。

A clean and bright inside of a factory with several machines lined up left and right. On two white rails at the upper half of the picture Güdel is written in red large letters. In the foreground, a sheet of metal lays on a conveyor belt.

Industrial systems specialist Güdel uses netFIELD to implement advanced IIoT solutions, ranging from monitoring specific wear points to a more holistic Industry 4.0 approach.

A pneumatic valve application with many cables and lines going about, disappearing into a cabinet on the bottom. On the far right side, AVENTICS is written on the device. In the background, you can see some green and blue boxes. The valve application is mounted on a sheet of metal.

球领先的自动化技术和软件供应商艾默生在其 AVENTICS™ 阀门系统中集成了 OPC UA,通过 netX 90 简化了 IIoT 集成和分析功能。

Titleimage Systemtechnik Leber

基于赫优讯的 netX 90 多协议处理器,Systemtechnik LEBER 和 E-T-A 开发出一种超紧凑、高性价比的总线控件,用于监控电子断路器。

A man with a blue hard hat and safety glasses is working on a orange robot arm.

netANALYZER 服务专家 Leadec 在工业以太网网络故障排除方面提供了可靠的支持。

A packaging machine from MULTIVAC.

集成包装解决方案的领先制造商 MULTIVAC 利用 netFIELD 开发以客户为导向的服务,提高机器可用性

A female factory worker in pharmaceutical clothing standing beside a large fluid machinery.

netTAP 151 提供了灵活、可扩展的解决方案,可轻松将独立的处理系统集成到一个工业通讯网络中。

A pneumatic test bench with several cables going in and out, placed in a production environment.

müller+krahmer GmbH 利用 赫优讯 cifX PC 板卡,实现了气动试验台可即时更改协议的功能。

A grey box with several connectors up front.

工程公司 kumkeo GmbH 是首批采用世界上最小赫优讯多协议芯片 netX 90 开发创新产品的公司之一。


2 panel PCs facing each other, another IPC with netJACK highlighted blue in the foreground.

IPC 专家 ADS-TEC Industrial IT 使用 netJACK 选件模块作为通用解决方案,为其工业箱式 PC 和 HMI 按需配备主站和从站功能,灵活且无需任何工具。

Front view of a NORD inverter standing upright with connectors on bottom.

驱动器制造商 NORD DRIVESYSTEMS 通过 netX 实现更紧凑的机架尺寸,并为维修提供了便利。

Worker inspecting an electrical Installation at a Leadec plant.

netMIRROR 帮助工厂服务专家 Leadec 快速可靠地排除实时以太网网络故障。

cifX PC 板卡将自动焊缝检测系统集成到德国机器视觉专家 VITRONIC 的众多实时以太网和现场总线网络中