empowering communication



工业通信发展呈日新月异之势。新潮流不断涌现,旧技术逐渐淘汰。如要获得成功,就必须坚持不懈。从现场总线到工业 4.0—35 年来,我们始终积极参与全球工厂基础设施、生产线和机器的设计。因此,创新是我们的核心价值观之一。



Center for Industrial IT (CIIT)

CIIT brings businesses and research institutions together under one roof. Hilscher has been a partner of Germany's first science-to-business center for industrial automation since 2021. Together with SmartFactoryOWL, we leverage synergies created through the direct proximity to customers, end users and market competitors.

Hilscher SoC Berlin

Chip design made in Germany – in our design house for the development of the most modern communication controllers in Berlin. Since 2005, the chip designs created here have been connecting factories worldwide, guaranteeing reliable communication.

Hilscher Development and Test Center

At our Test Center in Varna, experienced developers thoroughly test our solutions. The extensive tests carried out by the team in the city on the Bulgarian Black Sea make a significant contribution to our high quality standards.