Hilscher stellt neue cifX-PC-Karte im Format Mini PCIe Halfsize vor

Hattersheim, 29. Jan. 2024 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has released a new multiprotocol-capable cifX PC card in the extremely small format Mini PCIe halfsize. With only 26.8 mm width and 30 mm length, the cifX HPCIE90 PC card for industrial communication fits in nearly every application from IPCs and HMIs over vision systems to robotics. The miniPCIe socket is a common and widespread standard, thus the new card by Hilscher can be easily used without hardware redesigns.

The card is based on Hilscher's netX-90 communication controller. This enables the card to flexibly cover all common industrial protocols with just one piece of hardware. The following protocols will be available on release:

  • PROFINET IO-Device
  • EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • EtherCAT Slave
  • OpenModbus/TCP
  • Powerlink Slave
  • CANopen Slave
  • DeviceNet Slave

Further protocols such as CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave, Sercos Slave or IIoT protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA are currently under development.

This means that customers only need to get to know the netX technology once and then have access to all common protocol standards - tested and certified by the market leader. In addition, you can easily use one of our external network interfaces to plug in the different connectors of Industrial Ethernet as well as fieldbus protocols.


Your benefits
Reduce risks in development and testing

No own hardware design necessary due to a standardized physical interface, which is usable for other Use-Cases in other projects. This means fast and easy testing without an investment and R&D for designs. Device Drivers for host connection, loadable firmware, configuration software, product support, detailed documentation and explanations are included.

Drivers for all relevant OS and a C-Toolkit are available
  • Most of the market demands can be realized through our cifX device drivers
  • Special solutions or customer specific OS can be realized through the C-Toolkit
Fast time to market and a futureproof investment

As technology leader, Hilscher will always release latest trends for the cifX PC cards with the same application interface, drivers and tools.

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Unsere Mini-PCIe-halfsize-Karten bestechen durch ihre extrem kompakte Bauform. Mit ihr können Sie Slave-Anwendungen für zahlreiche Feldbus- und Real-Time-Ethernet-Protokolle umsetzen.

Three PC cards on a colorful background. One has a red PCB while the other two are green. One has an AIFX detached network interface connected to it.

cifX-PC-Karten sind der einfachste und schnellste Weg, PC-basierte Geräte in eine automatisierte Umgebung zu integrieren. Basierend auf unseren netX-Kommunikations-Controllern erhalten Sie Zugang zu allen Protokollen – in jedem Formfaktor für jeden Anwendungsfall.

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