Gateway PROFINET IO-Device nach SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT Kopplung an Real-Time-Ethernet-PROFINET-Systeme
  • Transparente E/A-Datenabbildung eines SmartWire-DT-Stranges in PROFINET

  • Unterstützung der vollen 99 SmartWire-DT-Teilnehmeranzahl pro Strang

  • Schnelle Konfigurationstaster-basierte SmartWire-Inbetriebnahme

  • Einfache PROFINET-Controller-Konfiguration über modulare GSDML-Datei

As a modular PROFINET IO-Device, the gateway integrates any subordinate SmartWire-DT network into PROFINET. The device thereby maps each SmartWire-DT station modularly as a single PROFINET slot.

The cyclic process data is exchanged and converted transparently between both networks. 1000 bytes of I/O data can be exchanged with up to 99 SmartWire-DT stations.

The gateway is commissioned on-site simply by pushing a configuration button to save the currently scanned actual configuration of the SmartWire-DT network with the nominal one. With each new start, the gateway compares the actual and nominal configuration. The gateway activates itself for the PROFINET communication if both configurations match.

A PROFINET GSDML file contains the gateway parameters and all SmartWire-DT stations as configurable modules. A file import into the engineering tool of the PROFINET controller enables the user to carry out the entire gateway configuration via PROFINET.

The software SWD-Assist serves to plan, dimension, and document a SmartWire-DT network while the network is offline. The online mode allows a status display of inputs and outputs, SWD diagnosis, and the generation of a project-specific GSDML file.

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Gateway PROFINET IO-Device to SmartWire-DT