Gateway CC-Link IE Field-Slave nach PROFINET IO-Device

Datenkopplung zwischen CC-Link IE Field und PROFINET
  • Über 1400 Bytes zyklische E/A-Daten je Datenrichtung

  • 257 Puffer (960 Byte) für azyklischen Datentransfer

  • Geringste E/A-Daten Konvertierungszeit von unter 10 ms

  • Gerätetausch in Sekunden per Ladevorgang über Speicherkarte

  • Mit Diagnose- und Konfigurationsschnittstelle über mini-USB

With Gateway NT 151-CCIES-RE/PNS you can easily and efficiently connect a CC-Link IE Field based control system with a PROFINET based control system and their networks.

More than 1400 bytes of cyclic input and output data can be exchanged transparently and quickly between both networks. Further 257 data buffers with 960 bytes each allow the additional exchange of acyclic data on demand.

A mini USB interface serves to configure the device. For an effortless integration into the engineering software of the control systems, the configuration tool converts the configured input and output data into a GSDML and CSP+ file for a direct import.

The functionality of the device complies with the official specification “CC-Link IE Field / PROFINET Network Coupler” which originated from a collaboration of the organizations CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). It is the first device in the world that works in accordance with this specification.

CC-Link IE is a recognized technology in the Asian market, PROFINET in Europe, and further markets. The transparently operating gateway makes it possible to offer systems, that are based on one of the two network technologies, internationally without further development effort.

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Gateway CC-Link IE Field Slave to PROFINET IO-Device