netRAPID 51/52 Ladbare Firmware - EtherNet/IP-Adapter, MQTT-Client, OPC-UA-Server

Vollversion für NRP 51-RE inklusive 6 Stunden Support
  • Vollversion EtherNet/IP-Adapter mit OPC UA-Server und MQTT-Client

  • Nur für IoT-fähiges NRP 51-RE

  • Inklusive Firmware-Aktualisierungen für 12 Monate

  • Inklusive aller Werkzeuge und Dokumentation für die Evaluierung

netX Chip Carrier for integrated communication

The network technology in automation devices of medium and high production volumes is typically integrated with a chip solution, such as the flexible multiprotocol chip netX. The customer will carry out the complete development of the communication interface from scratch. Low costs per unit are opposed to development risk, development time, and necessary in-house knowledge.

The rapid and secure alternative to in-house development is netRAPID.

netX Chip Carrier is a solution that offers adequate costs per unit, a reduced risk, and a fast time-to-market. netRAPID is a complete netX-based communication interface and contains all necessary components. Like a standard QFP component, the 32 x 32 mm, compact netX carrier will be soldered directly to the host system - by hand or SMD production process. Thus, the hardware developer only needs to integrate network connectors, LEDs, and address switches on the host system. For the host system, a simple 2-layer printed circuit board is sufficient. The application development is reduced to the use of the API of the netRAPID.

To be able to profit from the full function of netRAPID, the licensed firmware must be acquired once and loaded during the manufacturing process.

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netRAPID 51/52 loadable firmware - EtherNet/IP Adapter, MQTT client, OPC UA server