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ヒルシャー – 企業




1986年: 創業
  • フランクフルト近郊のハッタースハイムでHilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH創業
  • ヒルシャー本社
  • 開発、製造、セールス、サポートの一体化
  • 米国シカゴに初の国際オフィス
  • 重要な北米市場への進出
  • 開発、セールス、サポート
  • イタリア、フランス、スイスのオフィス
  • ヨーロッパにおけるセールスとサポート・ネットワークの拡大
  • 開発業務のさらなる拡大
2005年 & 2007年: 開発研究
  • ベルリンの新しい拠点
    • SoC設計専用のビジネス・ユニット
  • ヴァルナ(ブルガリア)の新しい拠点
    • テストとソフトウェア開発
  • 中国、日本、インド、韓国への進出
  • アジア新興市場の重要性の増大
  • 新しいセールスおよびサポート・チャネルの開拓
  • レムゴ(ドイツ)の産業ITセンターにあるヒルシャーの拠点との戦略的研究パートナーシップ
  • リンツの新たなセールス拠点
  • D-A-CH地域(ドイツ-オーストリア-スイス)の各国にあるヒルシャーの自社サイト
Hilscher in numbers

With ambition and ingenuity, we've become a global player, and we're playing a key role in shaping the market for industrial communications. Hilscher is now a well-established name in the market, and the following figures show it:

Two Hilscher employees standing behind a glass panel discussing a project.
Everything for your communication

5 network controllers, 5 different embedded modules, PC cards in 10 form factors, 6 gateway categories as well as numerous other solutions and services related to industrial communication—Our netX technology for fieldbuses and Real-Time Ethernet is an absolute unique selling point in the automation market.

With netX, Hilscher's embedded modules are compatible with all protocols.
Deployed around the world

13 locations in 11 countries on 3 continents—Hilscher is well-represented in all major markets with its own subsidiaries. This allows us to provide our customers with on-site service to meet their specific needs.

Two Hilscher software developers discussing a project.
Certified according to recognized international standards

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001—Our business practices are compliant with recognized quality and sustainability standards. This is demonstrated by our integrated management system.

Decades of experience

1986 – Our extensive expertise is based on more than three decades of setting industry standards and trends.

Two employees talking in front of the main entrance of the Hilscher company building.
Ready for the future

Industry 4.0 – Our comprehensive netFIELD ecosystem sets the course for smart edge and cloud solutions, laying the foundation for the smart factory of tomorrow.

Hilscher is committed to open standards and flexible solutions in leading associations such as the OI4.
Family – our core values

2. Generation – Hilscher is a second-generation family business. After more than 33 years, company founder Hans-Jürgen Hilscher handed over the overall responsibility to his son Sebastian, in 2020.

Generation Change