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empowering communication

All your communications from a single source

When networking field devices and controllers in automation systems, users benefit from a consistent and standardized communication architecture consisting of hardware and software.

A heterogeneous system consisting of hardware and software from different sources can represent an added risk and lead to additional costs in procurement, logistics and maintenance, but also in development. Hilscher provides all the necessary protocols as a complete solution from a single source. As a major contributor to all the major industry-relevant technical associations, Hilscher is always at the cutting edge of the latest technological developments, which are made available to you with every update.

netX by Hilscher at a glance:

  • One reliable partner for all your communications
  • A comprehensive communications portfolio
  • Support, maintenance and pre-certification from the industry leader
  • Always state-of-the-art hardware and software

Our firmware offers even more: we’re constantly expanding the range of functions for specific applications and systems, and are constantly adapting to the latest industry trends and standards.

Multiprotocollo SoC piccolissimo


Controller di rete per bus di campo e Real-Time Ethernet (master e slave)


Controller di rete per slave bus di campo e slave Real-Time Ethernet con controller di memoria


Controller di rete per slave bus di campo e slave Real-Time-Ethernet


Your benefits with netX:
Product platform

netX technology allows you to build your own product platforms with a single device for all common industry protocols.

Less development costs

You build one device that covers all protocols, including standard interfaces, drivers and tools. A dramatic reduction in development costs.

Time to market

Get to market faster with our complete solutions for all your communication needs.

State of the art

With our firmware, you always benefit from the latest technology and your devices, system, and network stay safe and secure.

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Hilscher offre hardware e software per applicazioni di comunicazione industriale da un’unica fonte. I nostri stack di protocollo rendono il vostro netX la soluzione di comunicazione più flessibile sul mercato. Scoprite di più nella nostra panoramica.

Il nostro netX Studio include strumenti basati su GNU, come compilatori, linker, debugger e configurazioni appropriate per vari setting I/O per i nostri controller di comunicazione netX. Il moderno ambiente di sviluppo si abbina perfettamente al nostro hardware netX.

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