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Hattersheim, 09. Nov. 2023 – In the coming years, if not decades, security will be the dominant factor in industrial communication infrastructures. Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, the leading provider of industrial communication solutions, will be focusing on security-related aspects in the automation industry at SPS 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The communication solutions from the Hattersheim-based company near Frankfurt are a reliable basis for field devices and machines, which have to adhere to the IEC 62443 standard. This IEC standard defines safety processes for industrial control systems and ensures secure development procedures. Comprehensive security testing is an important part of Hilscher’s secure software development lifecycle. The industrial communications specialist also uses tools such as OpenVAS, Nessus, PCLint and SonarQube to analyze vulnerabilities and static code. Grammar, fuzzing, flooding and storm tests are performed to ensure overall system stability. This also aims to prevent denial-of-service scenarios and significantly improve cyber security at the field level.

The ceiling of Hilscher's trade fair booth at SPS in Nuremberg. In the middle hangs a panel with a man working on a machine on it. In the background there is a trade fair panel with a display and walls. The major part of the picture is in blue and white colors.
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With the rapidly growing connectivity and importance of IIoT, cyber security is becoming increasingly important. As a leading provider of communication technology, we understand the importance of IT security and design all of our products with that in mind.

Sebastian Hilscher

Chief Executive Officer

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

Sebastian Hilscher, Chief Executive Officer at Hilscher
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Develop secure devices and systems with our netX communication controllers and our secure protocol firmware. You are thus ideally equipped to meet the requirements of standards such as IEC 62443 or the Cyber Resilience Act.

From turn-key products to highly integrated solutions and complementary software, Hilscher is your partner for industrial communication. Get an overview of how we can help you take the networking of your machines to a whole new level!

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