A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Master in an industrial environment.
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Edge Management with netFIELD

netFIELD Cloud is an edge management system for industrial applications in machines and plants. netFIELD offers you a reliable and scalable platform to implement your own Industrial IoT solution close to the machine in the IT-OT edge or hybrid.

netFIELD Cloud includes a wide range of functionalities that you need to implement and operate your Industrial IoT Edge solution. These include device management functions, software distribution, fleet management, integration with automation networks and data communication using IoT protocols.  

With netFIELD Cloud, you maintain an overview and centralized control of your entire fleet of edge devices and the machines connected to them. All registered edge devices send regular monitoring data and their device status allowing you to quickly detect and respond to disruptions. The encrypted data connection is always established from the edge device to the server, ensuring a high level of IT security. This data connection also enables secure remote access to the edge device and optionally to the user interfaces behind it.


In combination with the industry-hardened Linux-based operating system netFIELD OS, you have a reliable execution environment for your applications. We use commercially available container technologies to ensure that existing software applications can also be used without any problems.  

You can distribute your software applications to edge devices centrally via netFIELD Cloud. From the initial installation and configuration to software updates, you control the entire software distribution via the central user interface of netFIELD Cloud. netFIELD also supports the connection to container repositories in which your images are stored.

With the increasing number of edge devices, it is important to manage groups of devices uniformly and efficiently. The fleet management function in netFIELD Cloud allows you to define device groups and apply actions to such device groups. This allows you to scale your industrial IoT solution.

IIoT Chart

A portfolio of OT connectors is available for the integration of your solution into automation networks. Connect your edge devices to the fieldbus or real-time Ethernet network of your machine or system to reliably read machine data. In addition to pure software solutions, you can also use edge gateways from Hilscher with hardware support for industrial networks.

netFIELD supports common IoT protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT for the transmission of IoT data. You retain control over your machine data at all times. You can freely configure which data is only processed locally on the device and which data is forwarded to a server of your choice. Optionally, you can also route the data via the netFIELD Cloud Server to retrieve the data via a central MQTT endpoint.


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The centralized edge management netFIELD Cloud as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables device and software management for modern production facilities. This simplifies the reliable roll-out of software to large device fleets for users.

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netFIELD OS includes our basic range of system software and runtime components. Our netFIELD OS Edge is the heart of the solution. Coupled with turn-key software containers, you can create your own IoT world in no time at all.

A stylized PC monitor on a colorful background with technical graphics in the background.

Start your own IoT world with our turn-key app containers. Based on Docker technology, you can easily roll them out centrally and create new business opportunities!