Success Story: Flexible integration of industrial protocols in IPCs

The challenge: Integration of IPCs into different communication networks

The customers of ADS-TEC Industrial IT from modern machine and plant construction often face the challenge of connecting their Industrial PCs to different communication networks. For this purpose, they require versatile connectivity and compatibility with all common industrial communication standards.
The integration of a wide range of fixed PC cards from other manufacturers potentially entails high costs for ADS-TEC Industrial IT as a manufacturer of Industrial PCs through individual development efforts, such as the mechanical adaptation of the Industrial PC with regard to internal cable routing and interface slots. For ADS-TEC Industrial IT, these adaptations are usually associated with a time-consuming development process, which often only pays off economically for larger projects.

With the innovative industrial design and the sophisticated functionalities of the new Series 9000, consisting of Touch Panel PCs and a combination of Box PC and Touch Panel Monitor, ADS-TEC Industrial IT responds to the diverse requirements of the industry. A central aspect of the development of the Series 9000 was the need-oriented integration of various industrial protocols such as PROFINET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP.

More flexibility in planning and construction

This allows machine and plant manufacturers to benefit from a high degree of flexibility in planning, component procurement and the construction of their machines. In addition, the expenditure for forecasting and stockpiling of various Industrial PC variants with different, fixed fieldbus/RTE cards is reduced.

In order to meet the initial challenges of its customers, ADS-TEC Industrial IT uses the proven netJACK interchangeable module from Hilscher in the new Series 9000. In addition to the possibility of mapping all common industrial protocols of factory automation with master as well as with slave or device functionalities, the PCI Express connection option was a unique selling point with which the netJACK module sets itself apart from its competitors.


A panel pc laying panel-side down, another IPC stands beneath, netJACK highlighted blue in both devices.
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We are pleased to have found a competent partner with Hilscher, who has helped us reduce the complexity of developing and producing our Box PCs and HMIs. With our new Series 9000, we are thus able to offer our customers more freedom in machine and plant planning.

Jochen Gengenbach
Product Manager Industrial PCs & Monitor Systems at ads-tec Industrial IT GmbH

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netJACK enables cost savings

The Nuertingen-based company can thus equip its IPCs directly with a physical real-time Ethernet interface without additional cabling and can rely on Hilscher‘s proven protocol stacks. This allows ADS-TEC Industrial IT to save costs for the development of its own firmware.

Without any additional development effort, a whole range of fieldbus or real-time Ethernet protocols can be integrated into the IPCs of ADS-TEC Industrial IT – even without the use of tools when installing the module. If the communication protocol used by an IPC needs to be changed, the firmware of the module can be easily adapted to the new requirements and the required software can be loaded onto the netJACK module. This has reduced the variety of devices and enabled the end user to flexibly integrate the industrial protocols. The adaptation can be carried out at any point in the supply chain, even by the end customer himself.

ADS-TEC Industrial IT has been using Hilscher technology for several years. Due to the well-known ecosystem and the platform concept of Hilscher, the switch to a module-based solution for the Nuertingen IPC specialist could be realized without much effort. Therefore, Hilscher technology at ADS-TEC Industrial IT will also be an integral part of new products based on Intel Whiskey Lake.


Panel pc from the side with buit-in netJACK highlighted blue, 3 large netJACK modules lined up on the right.
Hilscher Embedded Modules: netJACK

The netJACK interchangeable module is a universal solution in an enclosed IP40 housing to upgrade devices with master or slave functionality. All variants have the same mechanical system as well as an identical software interface. The interchangeable module can be easily mounted without tools at any point in the supply chain – even at the end customer.


  • Suitable for master and slave applications
  • One hardware for all real-time Ethernet protocols
  • Connection via PCI Express, dual-port memory or SPI
netJACK module with white, black and red inserts in IP40 housing with two connectors upfront.

Download the Success Story here:

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2 panel PCs facing each other, another IPC with netJACK highlighted blue in the foreground.

More freedom in the implementation of machines and systems. For more information about the Series 9000, please visit the ADS-TEC website.

Implement the entire range of industrial communication protocols with just one module. netJACK is the universal solution for all applications that require master or slave functionalities.

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