Three black and silver devices on a white background. CODA is written on the devices in large red letters.
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Success Story: Orange Precision Measurement and Hilscher Triumph with Milestone Deployment of Multiple Industrial Protocols

In a landmark advancement for industrial communications, Orange Precision Measurement in collaboration with Hilscher, proudly announces the successful deployment of three industrial Ethernet protocols and one fieldbus protocol within a single year. This is a significant achievement in the industrial automation sector, offering unprecedented flexibility and interoperability for Orange Precision Measurement’s customers in manufacturing and process control environments.

Flexibility for Orange Precision thanks to netX 90

Over the past year, Orange Precision Measurement was able to integrate Hilscher’s latest generation ASIC netX90 which supports 9 industrial communication protocols, and thanks to the innovative application programming interface had this multiprotocol solution communicating both the legacy fieldbus and industrial ethernets quickly.  The three industrial Ethernet protocols are PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP, and the fieldbus protocol is DeviceNet. By successfully deploying these protocols, Orange Precision’s products can be supplied to their various customers around the globe to confidently deliver reliable communications.

Orange Precision Measurement’s' CTO (co-founder) and head of software and embedded systems group, Berwin Banares, expressed enthusiasm about their achievement: “Architecture is very important to us as this defines how our products would succeed in a competitive market. With Hilscher’s multiprotocol platform, we were able to support our customer’s need to integrate our products with their system. Hilscher’s technology and amazing support enabled us to do rapid integration. As we anticipate future requests on new Industrial Protocols, we are very confident that we would be able to support our customers’ needs with netX90”

CEO (founder) and head of hardware development group, Karl Li, adds: "Incorporating these four protocols into our products within a year is a testament to both our product knowledge and the ease of use delivered with Hilscher’s platform. We are passionate about supporting our customers’ industrial communication needs and this is the only technology we found that could deliver for us, utilizing least development time and resources."

Hilscher's expertise in communication technologies contributed significantly to the development process. Jamie Gallant, OEM Sales Manager for Hilscher North America, emphasized the importance of this success: " adding a couple protocols in a year is impressive, but these engineers took it to a new level.”

Orange Precision Measurement are proud to announce that the integrated communications are now shipping, adding that if new communication opportunities emerge, they’re confident they can react quickly to support them.

Three black and silver devices on a white background. CODA is written on the devices in large red letters.
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Three black and silver devices on a white background. CODA is written on the devices in large red letters.

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