Sotronik is Hilscher’s official qualified embedded software integration partner

Hattersheim, 26. Jun. 2023 – Sotronik GmbH is an official qualified embedded software integration partner of Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH. With this step, Sotronik has expanded and deepened its expertise in the field of industrial communication. At the same time, users of the netX technology in Switzerland will be able to rely on an official partner to solve the challenges they’re facing.

When it comes to the implementation of Real-Time Ethernet systems such as EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET or SERCOS III, Hilscher’s netX series of multiprotocol network controllers are the ideal solution. However, network controllers and protocol firmware alone do not make a device certified.
The costs involved in the design-in phase of developing an application are often underestimated, especially if there is no or only limited knowledge of the corresponding Real-Time Ethernet systems.

Competent integrators with the necessary know-how are essential to the success of the project. That’s why for years now Hilscher has been pursuing a strategy of deploying system partners to provide customers with the necessary support in the implementation of netX-based communication systems. The cooperation with Sotronik as Hilscher's new qualified embedded software integration partner is an integral part of this strategy.


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About SotroniK

Sotronik GmbH is an engineering office for technical software and electronics based in the Technopark of Winterthur, Switzerland. Sotronik has been working together with customers to develop applications and devices in various industries since 2000. Their experienced engineers use modern tools and techniques to efficiently solve the challenges facing them. Sotronik already has experience with communication systems at the embedded level, making them the ideal candidate to qualify for the Hilscher partner program. Sotronik successfully completed rigorous training in netX network controllers, protocol stacks and analyzers and is now available for design-in projects.

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