Hilscher underlines growth strategy with strengthened management team

Hattersheim, 04. Apr. 2024 – After a very successful 2023 with a new record in the company's global turnover, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is stepping up its internal advancement and optimization. In order to continue the positive growth trend and prepare for future challenges, the company has decided to strengthen its management team. To this end, Dr. Fabian Debus, Klaus Halder and Marcel Seeber have been appointed to management positions.

Taking into account the constantly growing automation market, this decision is aimed at cementing Hilscher's position as market leader in industrial communication and offering its customers even more flexible and powerful solutions. For this purpose, the new members of the management team around Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sebastian Hilscher bring with them a broad spectrum of expertise and extensive experience. The company is delighted to welcome Fabian Debus, Marcel Seeber and Klaus Halder to their management positions.


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The new members of the Hilscher management team at a glance

Dr. Fabian Debus – Chief Production Officer

In order to expand production capacities, Dr. Fabian Debus is joining the Hilscher team as the new Chief Production Officer (CPO). Fabian Debus brings his operational excellence to Hilscher Production and has a wealth of experience in setting up production facilities from his previous management activities for the German technology group Heraeus.

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Klaus Halder – Chief Marketing Officer

In the area of marketing and product management, Hilscher is expanding its expertise with Klaus Halder as interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Klaus Halder brings in-depth experience from various management functions in medium-sized German family businesses such as SICK, Testo and Dräger. He supports and leads Hilscher, particularly in the strategic and organizational development of product management and marketing.

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Marcel Seeber – Chief Sales Officer

Marcel Seeber joins the Hilscher sales team as Chief Sales Officer (CSO). He will strategically develop and lead the targeted expansion of Hilscher's sales activities - in the core market of Germany and internationally with the Hilscher sales companies and partners. Marcel Seeber has extensive management experience gained in various management positions at technology companies such as Carl Zeiss and Baumer.

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