Release Edge-IO-Link-Master: Computing power and centrally managed services for the field level

Hattersheim, 06. Feb. 2024 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has released the two Edge IO-Link masters sensorEDGE FIELD and sensorEDGE. These IP67-rated devices combine computing power and standardized IO-Link sensor connection in one housing. sensorEDGE FIELD and sensorEDGE can be connected directly to Ethernet-based IT infrastructures without the need to intervene in existing communication networks and their controllers - unlike conventional IO-Link master devices. Hilscher additionally offers a centralized edge management platform via which the devices can be administered locally or via the Internet.

Hilscher’s IO-Link master devices are available in two different versions:

  • sensorEDGE FIELD: Open computing platform for your own software with optional centralized management
  • sensorEDGE: Complete solution for remote transmission of sensor data via a central platform

Both devices are based on a Linux OS that fulfills aspects of IEC 62443. Their application software is installed and operated securely and encapsulated via container technology. The devices can be configured and managed locally via a web interface or centrally via a platform.

A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Master in an industrial environment.
What’s the difference between the two devices?
A netFIELD Device IO-Link Wireless Master in an industrial environment.

sensorEDGE FIELD is an open data processing platform that customers can customize according to their own requirements

  • Advantage: Do-it-yourself for customized IIoT applications


sensorEDGE FIELD allows users extensive customization options based on their specific requirements. The device has two container engines: One for the local and manual deployment of container applications, and a second for interaction with a central management platform.
sensorEDGE FIELD comes with the preinstalled Linux operating system. The user decides which containerized software to run on the devices. A range of free basic containers offers features for IO-Link configuration and IO-Link on MQTT data provisioning. Centralized device management through a single platform is optional and available upon request.


Processing power at the edge: devices can run demanding container applications. In other words, data is not just collected. It is processed at the field level for a decisive advantage.

Containerized software: Using open but secure container technology, applications are encapsulated into individual containers.

Cloud agnostic: Users are free to choose whether they want the solution to communicate with a local cloud or to communicate with a public cloud over the Internet.

Operation without an Internet connection: sensorEDGE FIELD can be operated in local installations without the need for an Internet connection.

Optional centralized management: An additional option for users who choose solutions from Hilscher’s netFIELD IIoT platform.


A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Master in an industrial environment.

sensorEDGE is the solution for the transmission of local IO-Link sensor data with a centralized edge management function.

  • Advantage: The ready-to-use solution enables instant connection of sensors in less than 5 minutes


sensorEDGE transfers local IO-Link sensor data to remote MQTT clients. The solution consists of the IP67-rated device, including IO-Link sockets. All you need is a power source and an Internet connection. No more time-consuming setup.
As soon as the sensors are connected and automatically configured via the IODD (from an Internet file database), the sensor box transmits data to the cloud in 1-second intervals.


Start instantly: As soon as sensorEDGE is powered, the device starts operating. It saves you time.

Cost efficiency: All you need is a power supply and Internet access to integrate the device into your IT infrastructure.

Focused application: Enables data to be analyzed in terms of condition monitoring.

Access to data from anywhere: Data can be forwarded to any application where it can be processed to generate added value.


At SPS 2023 our Product Manager Armin Beck introduced our new product sensorEDGE with a demo.

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A edge IO-Link master by Hilscher on a colorful background.

Edge IO-Link Master 디바이스는 IO-Link 센서 기술을 통해 액세스하여, 엣지의 컴퓨팅 파워와 장치 관리를 결합합니다. 이로써, 산업용 IoT 애플리케이션을 위해 귀사 기계의 센서 데이터에 빠르게 액세스하여 활용할 수 있습니다.

Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.

관리형 산업용 IoT 플랫폼의 개요: netFIELD는 Industry 4.0 솔루션을 구현하기 위한 IIoT 엣지 인프라입니다. 이를 통해 귀사 기계 데이터에 액세스하고 소프트웨어와 하드웨어를 중앙에서 관리할 수 있습니다.

Young handsome male customer support phone operator with headset working in call center.
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