Hilscher ranks among the TOP 100 for the second time

Hattersheim, 12. Feb. 2024 – Newly crowned winner of the innovation award: Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH from Hattersheim am Main has been awarded the TOP 100 title for 2024. This award is only given out to highly innovative medium-sized companies that stand out among their peers. Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar will be in Weimar on June 28 to personally congratulate Hilscher on their success at the award ceremony. Ranga Yogeshwar has been part of the TOP 100 as a mentor for twelve years.

On behalf of compamedia, the organizer of the competition, innovation researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and his team examined the innovative performance of all participants on the basis of more than 100 criteria from five categories: innovation-friendliness of senior management, climate of innovation, innovative processes and organization, outward looking/open innovation, and successful innovations. “Are companies able to create new products, services, processes and business models? And are these innovations just coincidences? Or the result of a structured and targeted approach? These are the questions we explore at TOP 100,” says Nikolaus Franke, as he explains his approach to the evaluation process. How well the innovations and product improvements were received on the market is also taken into consideration (further information on the criteria considered can be found at https://www.top100-germany.com/test-criteria/).

Hilscher emerged victorious in the scientific selection process and for the second time is one of the top innovators. As the market leader in industrial communication, the Hattersheim-based company near Frankfurt am Main is a front runner in many key areas of automation technology.

A logo of the TOP 100 Award on the left side of the picture on a white background. In the background of the picture is a pc card shown with a netX chipy by Hilscher onboard.
Hilscher – empowering communication

Receiving the Top 100 Award once again underlines our efforts to always be at the fore-front of technology. This means flexibility, reliability and security for everyone who uses our technologies, especially in light of the current disruptions in industries around the world.

Sebastian Hilscher

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

Sebastian Hilscher, Chief Executive Officer at Hilscher

With the development of netX technology, Hilscher has set international standards and is a recognized systems partner of major manufacturers. netX is Hilscher’s core technology. It’s a multiprotocol technology platform, equipped with unified interfaces and configuration tools. In cooperation with leading partners, the netX technology is continuously developed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

Hilscher's customers are also well equipped for the Industrial Internet of Things. With netFIELD, they have an IIoT data infrastructure including a management platform for deploying modern Industry 4.0 solutions. netFIELD lets them reliably and securely implement their solutions from the device to the cloud and manage them remotely.

턴키 제품에서 고도로 통합된 솔루션 및 보완 소프트웨어에 이르기까지 Hilscher는 산업용 통신을 위한 파트너입니다. 귀사 기계설비 네트워킹을 완전히 새로운 수준으로 끌어올릴 수 있는 방법에 대해 간단히 살펴봅시다!

Award presentation with Ranga Yogeshwar

On June 28, all leading innovators of 2024 will meet at the “congress centrum weimarhalle” for the award ceremony as part of the German SME Summit. Ranga Yogeshwar will be on hand to personally present them with their TOP 100 award.

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Employee sitting on the back of a couch in Hilscher's office building.

지난 35여 년간 Hilscher라는 이름은 자동화 솔루션의 트렌드를 선도해 왔습니다. 당사는 산업 통신을 그 누구보다도 잘 이해하고, 기계설비를 네트워크에 통합하는 데 필요한 혁신적인 솔루션과 서비스로 당사 고객을 지원합니다.

Thanks to its multi-protocol capability, Hilscher products can be integrated into almost any industrial application—yours included!

Hilscher 팀의 일원이 되어 전 세계 머신 네트워크 통합을 추진하십시오. 우리는 항상 시대의 가장 혁신적인 기술 중 하나에 관심이 있는 헌신적인 사람들을 찾고 있습니다.

Two Hilscher employees leaving the company building.

힐셔와 산업 통신 관련 최신 뉴스를 여기에서 읽어보세요!