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  • SmartWire-DT

Gateway POWERLINK Controlled Node to SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT connectivity to real-time Ethernet POWERLINK systems

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At a glance

  • Transparent I/O data mapping of a SmartWire-DT strand into POWERLINK
  • Featuring full range of 99 SmartWire-DT stations per strand
  • Commissioning via planning and diagnostic tool SWD-Assist
  • Automatic generation of XDD configuration file for PL masters

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As a single POWERLINK node the gateway integrates a subordinate SmartWire-DT network with up to 99 stations into Ethernet POWERLINK. The SmartWire-DT stations process data is converted transparently between both network protocols. The data is represented modularly as mapable I/O objects. In sum 1000 bytes input and output process data can be mapped into TxPDOs and RxPDOs of POWERLINK and are transfered transparently between both network protocols.

The gateway is commissioned easily with the planning and diagnostic software SWD-Assist over USB. A scan function determines the connected SmartWire-DT network constellation automatically. The final network configuration inclusive the modifiable SmartWire-DT stations parameters is to be downloaded back into the gateway to commission. For a proper POWERLINK master configuration finally the gateway configuration has to be transformed with SWD-Assist into a standardized POWERLINK XDD device description file. The device description file delivers the specific POWERLINK gateway parameter to the engineering tool of the POWERLINK Managing Node.

The software SWD-Assist is not part of the gateways scope of delivery. It can be downloaded free of charge at or ordered as DVD inclusive USB cable at cost price.

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Product namePart numberBrief description
EU5C-SWD-POWERLINK9233.921Gateway POWERLINK Controlled Node to SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT Gateways integrate a single SmartWire-DT network trunk into a parent Real-Time Ethernet system as a single I/O device. Each SmartWire-DT device is represented as a subsequent slot within this I/O device. The cyclic process data is exchanged transparently between both systems.