Real-Time Ethernet for harsh industrial environments - cifX PC-Cards with M12 interface

M12 connectors guarantee additional protection levels and decrease maintenance

After the well-known RJ45 connection technology, which is a standard as well in the IT- as the OT-world, M12 connection is the second most widespread standard in the field level of industrial automation. It provides additional connector protection, which may be required in harsh industrial environments. On the one hand, it prevents dust and humidity from entering the contacts, which improves the tightness of the connection, and on the other hand, the shock- and vibration-resistance ensures long-term protection against self-loosening and self-releasing, which improves the maintenance-freedom of customer’s solution.


Mechanical protected connectivity to PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and other Real-Time Ethernet protocols through Hilscher’s platform strategy

With AIFX-RE\M12, Hilscher enables customers to meet higher requirements at the connection level with a solution, that integrates seamlessly into the Hilscher platform strategy. Independent of the chosen connector technology, all existing components like cables, firmware, configuration, tools and the cifX hardware are completely identical and reusable from existing solutions. Through plug- and play, a change over from RJ45 to D-coded M12 connectors for Real-Time Ethernet connectivity is very easy – only the cutout of the housing or front plate has to be adapted.


AIFX-RE\M12 equips your device for harsh industrial environments – up to IP67

By using the AIFX-RE\M12 interface, your solution will be suited for the successful implementation in harsh environmental industries as food- and beverage, tooling, production and vision, semiconductor, automotive and many other industrial automation sectors. In addition to it’s M12 connectors, Hilscher’s AIFX-RE\M12 provides the possibility of using an additional 10-pin LED-connector instead of the integrated LED-light pipes. Thus, customers are able to realize ratings up to IP67 in their systems.


Choosing cifX technology gives you the chance to meet customer’s ever-changing requirements in a flexible and future-proven way. Based on the netX multiprotocol ASIC, all members of the unique cifX-family are using the same tools, drivers and application interface. Integrated once, a modification of the protocol, card format or connector technology is quick and easy. Furthermore cifX technology supports as well master and slave functionality.

AIFX-RE\M12 is available for all types of Hilscher’s cifX portfolio with detached network interfaces:

  • Mini PCI
CIFX 90-RE\F\M12
  • Mini PCI Express
CIFX 90E-RE\F\M12 and all variants
  • PC/104
CIFX 104-RE\F\M12 and all variants
  • PCI-104
CIFX 104C-RE\F\M12 and all variants


Product variants with extended temperature, NVRAM and without a heatsink are available as well.

Integrating cifX and AIFX-RE\M12 offers the possibility to use 12 different protocols in only one hardware:

  • CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave
  • EtherCAT Master and Slave
  • EtherNet/IP Scanner and Adapter
  • Modbus TCP
  • POWERLINK Controlled Node
  • PROFINET I/O IRT Controller and Device
  • SERCOS Master and Slave
  • VARAN Slave


cifX always offers the right solution for your application and use case!

If you are interested to learn more about cifX technology in general or more details about the AIFX-RE\M12 interface board, please get in touch with your local sales representative.