Hilscher presents the first Industrial Master & Slave PC-Card in M.2 Format

The latest card of Hilscher’s cifX portfolio is the world's first master and slave solution in an M.2 format. This card opens up the possibility for users to equip their automation devices with an industrial communication interface via an M.2 socket. As a multi-protocol card, the new M.2 PC-card offers a wide variety of Real-Time Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols with a uniform application interface. Access to global markets and new use cases is realized extremely fast due to a simple switch between various master- and slave protocols, paving the way for users to integrate their solutions into plants and machines with differing communication standards.

World's first Master & Slave PC-card in M.2 format
The new M.2 PC-card extends Hilscher's cifX portfolio

New Format, proven Technology

The new cifX M3042100BM PC-card in the M.2 3042 format complements Hilscher’s proven cifX portfolio, which is already in use in countless applications of modern factory automation, with an emerging format that is already deployed in many modern PC-based automation systems. The new, extremely small M.2 format enables users to equip even the slimmest devices such as tablets, touch panels, small box IPCs or highly specific applications, as optical inspection systems, with add-in standard interface cards to connect any application to automation networks. Whether as an optional add-on or as a standard component - Hilscher's new M.2 PC card is the perfect communication-solution for all small and space-critical applications in industrial automation.

The most flexible solution for industrial communication

  • Available protocols: PROFIBUS DP Master & Slave, CANopen Master & Slave, DeviceNet Master & Slave, EtherCAT Master & Slave, EtherNet/IP Scanner & Adapter, PROFINET IO-Controller & Device, SERCOS III Master & Slave, Modbus/TCP Server & Client, POWERLINK Slave, Varan Slave, CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave
  • Available drivers: Windows, Windows CE, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, INtime, RTX, WinAC, C-Toolkit (for your own drivers)

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cifX – The perfect Card for every Use-Case

Add-In PC-cards from Hilscher provide users with a maximum in flexibility, scalability as well as security of their investment. Relying on proven cifX technology allows users the freedom to choose between nine form factors, 20 master and slave protocols and eight device drivers for all relevant operating systems. A comprehensive FDT/DTM-based network configuration tool completes the package.

As market requirements change in terms of size and the format of the target platform, the user can flexibly switch between 8 additional form factors without having to perform any changes to the drivers, tools, firmware or API.

Available cifX formats: PCI, PCI Express, Compact PCI, Low Profile PCI Express, Mini PCI Express, Mini PCI, PC/104, PCI 104

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