netIOT-Interface MQTT

NXS-NIOT-MQTT, netIOT Interface Workshop

Add I4.0 functionality with MQTT Client to your PROFINET or EtherNet/IP based applications on the netX 51/52

This workshop enables you to add functions of the I4.0 to your application, provided that you are using a LOM model with an own application on the netX chip. The protocol stack MQTT Client and the required connection layer netPROXY will be introduced and integrated into your project.
In both theoretical training blocks and practical exercises, you will learn the functions of the protocols and the necessary adjustments to your project. After successfully completing the workshop, you have created a first simple netX application that is able to run in your project.
You can use the underlying software project, on which you have worked in the practical exercises, as a basis for your own development.
The practical exercises will be performed using a Hilscher evaluation board or your own hardware.



Day 1: from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Day 2: from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm


Training content

  • Fundamentals of MQTT and netPROXY technology
  • Adding required software components to your project
  • First contact with MQTT
  • Analysis of demo applications
  • Define your own netPROXY object and deploy it
  • Differences between netPROXY volatile storage and callback
  • netPROXY test object indication and MQTT-representation
  • Become acquainted with necessary files in the file system
    • Metadata and Password/Username
    • Modification of the files
  • Short „MQTT-Performance“ test with a broker and a second Client



Target group

netX customer



This workshop is based on the content of the Hilscher workshop NXS-LOM and requires programming experiences on the netX 51/52 platform.



The overheads and training material are in English. The lectures can optionally be held in English or German.



Article Description: NXS-NIOT-MQTT
Article Number: 0313.096
Article: netIOT Interface with MQTT Client