netX 52 chips mounted on printed circuit boards.


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netX Technology: Overview

netX – our communication controller family

Our netX communication controllers are your gateway to industrial communication. netX technology is the foundation of our product portfolio—from PC cards and modules to industrial 4.0 applications.

The multi-protocol capability of our chips makes them unique on the market. Simply reloading the protocol stacks in the form of our firmware is all you need to cover all protocols. Hardware and software from a single source—no more worrying about development, risks, certification or reliability. Simply focus on your own core processes and applications. We ensure reliable and long-term availability of all components, even for systems with a long lifecycle.

Since the first netX generation, Hilscher has combined innovation and technology for flexible industrial networking.


Advantages of netX technology
Flexible solution

Connection to all fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems with one chip family

Quick launch

Complete communication solution with a comprehensive ecosystem

Easy integration

Comprehensive product support and development services

Future-proof investment

Long-term availability and expertise from the market leader in industrial communication

Access to all factory automation markets

The flexibility of netX technology allows you to implement a wide range of applications in factory automation. From fast drive controls with high demands on synchronization and very short cycle times to standard I/O systems for the field, or complex controls with visualization and communication — we help you realize your ideas.


Industrial production systems are vulnerable to unauthorized access from the outside. The modern security architecture of the netX 90 chip keeps you protected.

    • On-chip security peripherals of the netX 90
    • Authenticated operation thanks to secure boot
    • Internal monitoring mechanisms
    HMI terminals

    The netX 500 can provide user interfaces directly and efficiently, e.g., in operating panels, displays or weighing equipment.

    • Flexible host interface
    • Integrated controller for simple TFT panels
    • Supports all fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet networks

    The automation of motion and process controls requires the use of sensors.

    • The on-chip periphery of netX supports the connection of sensors as standard
    • Enables small designs
    • One chip for all industrial protocols
    Industrial IoT

    From the field device to the cloud—netX 90 is the perfect choice for your application.

    • Secure-by design
    • Built-in security features
    • Built-in diagnostic mechanisms

    Machines require fast and flexible communication solutions to ensure exact path accuracy. That is exactly what the fast and precise synchronization of the netX 90 delivers.

    • 2 to 128 axes
    • Scalable control performance
    • Suitable for FOC-based drive controls
    Remote I/O

    By replacing local I/O signals with netX communication controllers you simplify the cabling of your fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems.

    • Protection classes from IP20 to IP67
    • Processing of digital and analog signals
    • Low latency

    In addition to sensor integration, netX also supports the integration of encoders for precise positioning.

    • Built-in PHYs allow compact designs
    • Data processing from EnDat, BISS, and SSI
    • Withstands temperatures up to 85°C.

    netX is equipped for modern 100 Mbit networks to ensure smooth communication in your production processes.

    • Master capable
    • Master stacks for different network standards
    • Flexible host interface for scalable performance

    netX 90 enables reliable systems with built-in diagnostics and improved data integrity for the IoT and cloud services.

    • High reliability and very robust
    • Integrated monitoring of voltage and time and on-chip memory
    • Enables new services such as predictive maintenance
    Functional safety

    Ethernet communication in safety-relevant components must contain a so-called Black Channel so that safety-relevant data can be reliably transmitted. netX supports the necessary protocol extensions for secure operation.

    Industrial PC

    netX communication controllers are the easiest way to integrate your industrial PCs such as robots or process controllers into industrial networks.

    • Supports all industrial communication protocols
    • Different interfaces to the host system
    • Standardized API to access the network from the host system
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    netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.
    The technology behind netX

    Different standards, different ways of working and non-compatible transmission mechanisms—industrial communication is a complex field. When you choose Hilscher and netX, you're getting multi-protocol technology you can rely on from experienced experts in the field who know what matters most.

    netX Lifecycle support

    We provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of your netX integration. From the proof of concept to development, to the final certified solution. You can also rely on our long-term availability.

    Multiprotocol SoCs

    Overview of our netX communication controllers. As a highly integrated solution, they allow you to flexibly integrate your machines and production systems into your network regardless of the network standard. We provide hardware, software, certification and support from a single source.