Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.

Manage your IoT projects remotely

Empowering communication

Sensor to cloud technologies (netFIELD)

An IoT ecosystem for deploying modern cloud-based Industry 4.0 solutions.

With netFIELD you can tackle decentralized IoT projects with confidence.

Our netFIELD ecosystem delivers the infrastructure to reliably and securely manage devices in the cloud. Leverage your endless repository of unused plant data away from the control level and use it to monetize newly gained insights.

With netFIELD, you stay focused on developing IoT software, data intelligence, and new business models. Based on the IoT data aggregated with netFIELD, you can increase plant efficiency and safety, and lower your operating and maintenance costs.

Create your own IoT world with netFIELD simply and intuitively at the click of a button.


netFIELD – Your components
Edge Gateways

Our edge gateways are intelligent data routers between the automation level and the information technology level. They aggregate, process or transmit additional IoT information of your production process completely autonomously—locally or via the cloud.

Edge OS solutions

netFIELD OS includes our basic range of system software and runtime components. Our netFIELD OS Edge is the heart of the solution. Coupled with turn-key software containers, you can create your own IoT world in no time at all.

App containers

Start your own IoT world with our turn-key app containers. Based on Docker technology, you can easily roll them out centrally and create new business opportunities!

Technical highlights

Our edge platforms are based on a secure Linux and offer a web configuration interface and two independent Docker engines. This allows you to freely choose and load the software you want to run on them via containers. Optionally, you can also manage your devices and one of the Docker engines remotely.

You can also optionally use our configurable data proxy to transfer your acquired data in real time first to our cloud and then on to third-party applications around the world. Do you want to remotely access web pages in the device or stream Ethernet logs of connected peripherals to the outside? This is also possible.

The containers, for example OPC UA server/client, industrial network sniffer or various cloud connectors, are available in a repository. In general, netFIELD is compatible with all public or private container repositories.


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A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Master in an industrial environment.
Network-integrating sensors with IO-Link and Hilscher in your own company design

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IIoT networking: simple and flexible with netFIELD

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