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Drive Profiles with netX

Today’s drives need to be able to communicate easily, flexibly and smoothly across machines and systems. Real-time controllers with decentralized intelligence and smart sensors that are integrated into systems via Real-Time Ethernet or fieldbuses make it happen.

In systems with different drive systems, drive profiles ensure that the motion control system can access and control the different drives in a standardized way. Each communication standard has a corresponding drive profile. Profiles such as PROFIdrive, Sercos-over-Ethernet, DS402, CIP Assisted Motion and others have been in use for many years.

Including these profiles into Hilscher’s netX communication controllers makes it easier for you to flexibly integrate your drive solution into different control systems.

Possibilities of implementation


Communication FirmwareUser ApplicationSoftware Ecosystem
PROFINET IO DeviceRTPROFIdrive AC1IEC 61800-7-203Available
PROFINET IO DeviceIRTPROFIdrive AC4IEC 61800-7-203Available soon
EtherCAT SubDeviceCoECiA 402IEC 61800-7-201Contact Sales
EtherCAT SubDeviceSoESERCOS servodriveIEC 61800-7-204Contact Sales
EtherNet/IP AdapterCIP SyncCIP Motion/Sync assisted motionIEC 61800-7-202Contact Sales
Implement PROFIdrive using netX

PROFIdrive is the standard drive profile used with the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communication systems. PROFIdrive runs as a service in the application layer and ensures that drives, controllers and encoders from different manufacturers can communicate with each other.

With netMOTION, our compact drive solution, you’re able to control PMSM or BLDC motors even at the physical level. By combining the PROFIdrive profile with our netX communication controllers, various parameters and control information for these motors can be shared and used for motion control.

Sample software and corresponding motion projects are available for the netX 90 in our own development environment netX Studio. As a user, you can quickly and easily integrate your controllers or drives into PROFINET systems.

Benefits using netX
Reduced development costs

Complete sample solution for drive control using netX available in netX Studio

Easy integration

Sample software and sample code from Hilscher

Everything from a single source

A communication and drive solution with support from the industry leader

Learn more about our netX technology

The netX multiprotocol processors bring industrial communication to your machines and devices. Whether master or slave applications, legacy fieldbuses, fast Industrial Ethernet or IIoT data traffic - with highly integrated netX SoCs you rely on solutions from the market leader.

Hilscher offers hardware and software for industrial communication tasks from a single source. Our protocol stacks make your netX the most flexible communication solution on the market. Find out more in our overview.

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