netX 52 chips mounted on printed circuit boards.
empowering communication

Firmware (NXLFW)

Our netX technology enables machines around the globe to communicate reliably and flexibly with each other. The chips are often in the foreground, but it is our flexible loadable firmware NXLFW that makes them so unique.

It's the result of more than 35 years of experience in industrial communication technology. It reflects our daily work and our connections in the industry—with involvement in numerous associations, workgroups and all relevant user organizations.

With the firmware you decide which protocol your netX chip, your device or your system should use. A simple change is all it takes and your device is ready for a new industry, a new application and a new customer.


Modular foundation – certified protocol stacks

With NXLFW you define the application environment of your communication solution—from legacy fieldbus to modern Real-Time Ethernet systems


The firmware can be adapted to your needs and changing requirements – we give you the support you need!


Our software not only meets high cybersecurity standards—the correct certification by us also ensures the quality of your solutions

Hand holding a pair of tweezers over a Hilscher printed circuit board
NXLFW - Technology

With the NXLFW firmware, you can flexibly adapt our netX communication controllers to a wide variety of applications—from controllers, I/O devices and IPCs to motors and field devices. You can ensure compatibility with any required industrial protocol by changing the software.

netX-Kommunikations-Controller von Hilscher auf einer Leiterplatte.
netX Technology: Overview

Our netX communication controllers are your gateway to industrial communication. Their multiprotocol capability is unique on the market and the basis for network-integrating countless machines worldwide. As a turn-key product or highly integrated into your application, we have the right solution for you.