A/B slaves for expanding the address space to 62 slaves in an AS-Interface network
Adapter is a passive device in a ControlNet with respect to cyclic data traffic.
It cannot independently establish a cyclic connection to another node but acyclic connections are always possible.
Analog module for transmitting up to 24 bit analog values utilizing a sequential data transfer
AS-Interface power supply for supplying the whole system with
power while concurrently decoupling
the data
AT drive telegram, each slave sends its AT during the corresponding time slot
Bit strobe Multi/Broadcast I/O data exchange
Bootup Node start-up sequence
CIP (Control and Information Protocol) describes the means of addressing in order to create a connection to a communication object in a ControlNet node.
Consumer device that receives data
Consumer/ Producer describes the process for characterizing and addressing data within a ControlNet system.
COS change of state
transfer of I/O data when data has changed
CP0-CP4 communication phase
Cyclic timer-controlled data transfer
DP Decentral periphery
DPM1 master class 1 controls the cyclic data exchange
DPM2 master class 2 diagnostic, configuration and monitor
DPV1 DP extension, acyclic services
EMCY Emergency, Emergency notification
Explicit messaging acyclic data channel
FDL Fieldbus Data Link defines the PROFIBUS communication on layer 2, identical for DP and FMS
FMS Fieldbus Message Specification
Generation 4 latest InterBus technology generation
GSD Device description file
Guarding Monitoring the node
Hub Central connection device for star-shaped cabling
ID-Code device classification code
IDN Identification number
Length code coded device I/O length information
Local bus local branch from main cable
Loop InterBus transfer technology for simple sensors/actuators
Master active device, controls the bus access
MDT Master Data Telegram, data to the slaves, broadcast
Media redundancy of the network is a system option for reducing shut downs of the whole network.
Monomaster one master in the network
MST Master Synchronization Telegram, allows the synchronization of all connected slaves via an AT
Multi-master multiple masters in the network
NMT Network management
PA Process Automation
Parameter data for acyclic control of AS interface slaves, e.g. shutting the sending diode of a light barrier on or off
PCP Peripherals Communication Protocol acyclic data channel
PDO Process Data Object, Process data channel
PDO mapping Configuration of process data per PDO
Polling acyclic I/O data exchange
Predefined Master/Slave predefined connection set up between master and slave
Producer Device that sends data
Remote bus RS422 or fiber-optics conductor main cable
SAP Service Access Point
Scanner is required for establishing cyclic data traffic between ControlNet-participants.
It is therefore responsible for the organization of the NUI (Network Update Interval).
Scheduled Data Exchange is a scheduled cyclic data exchange for transmission of input/output data.
SDO Service Data Object, acyclic data channel
SERCOS Serial Real-Time Communication System
Slave passive device, answers to the master
Switch Central intelligent connection device for star-formed cabling and solution of access conflicts
SYNC Sychronization cycle of the master
TCP/IP Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol connection-orientated, secure transfer protocol as basis for the Internet protocols
UCMM Unconnected Message Manager
UDP User Datagram Protocol connectionless, unsecured data transfer protocol for broadcast and multicast communication
Unscheduled Data Exchange is an unscheduled acyclic data exchange for transmitting configuration or parameter data.