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Cloud services for remote management from the specialists in communications

The goal of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is to record and categorize as much data as possible in industrial plants. By doing this, you can draw conclusions from current production processes, and then using the gleaned insights to optimize them, for example, by adjusting device settings or identifying necessary maintenance requirements at an early stage. The potential to identify and create added value is enormous. The challenge however is in managing the flow of data and the necessary applications across global, decentralized infrastructures.

Our comprehensive netFIELD solution portfolio addresses this challenge by providing businesses of all sizes with a turn-key ecosystem of devices, applications, cloud platform, and services. With this winning combination you can easily take on IIoT projects with confidence. A foundation of containerized applications are supplied, which you can use as cloud services directly from our netFIELD portal. You can complete plant-specific applications as part of your IIoT adaptation process, or develop completely new ones, concentrating solely on programming and your core competencies. Rolling out new software and updates to the distributed devices is done in seconds with a simple mouse click in the reliable netFIELD ecosystem.


Your IIoT solutions with netFIELD

In the next few months we'll show you examples of how your applications can benefit from netFIELD:

  • Remote Device Management
  • Container Remote Management
  • Worldwide Data Distribution
  • Cloud Agnostic Connectivity
  • Remote Device Access and Control
  • Open Alliance 4.0 Connectivity
  • Data Traffic Redirection
  • Virtual Device Solution
  • API Based Integration
  • Hierarchical Organization Structure
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netFIELD is your IoT ecosystem for deploying modern cloud-based Industry 4.0 solutions. We deliver a reliable infrastructure—from the sensor to the cloud—for applications such as remote device management or central data distribution.

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