Linkable Object Module Workshop

NXS-LOM Workshop "Linkable Object Module"

Develop your own applications together with fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet protocol stacks on the netX 10/51/52.

With the LOM model, you will develop your own software on the netX chip. In this process, Hilscher will provide you with protocol stacks and a real-time operating system - rcX - as a basis.

You will learn about the netX chip, tools and utilities, the rcX operating system, and the interface to the protocol stack, both in theoretical training blocks and in practical exercises. Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will have created a rudimentary netX application and started it up together with a protocol stack. The application exchanges cyclical data with a bus-master via the bus. You can use the basic software project which you worked on in the practical exercises as a base for your own development.

The practical exercises are carried out with a NXHX 51-ETM evaluation board and the corresponding PROFINET device protocol stack.


2 day, both from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Training content

  • netX Chip fundamentals
  • netX concepts
    • LOM - Linkable Object Module
    • Boot process
    • File format, boot header
    • Configuration of the LFW tag lists
  • Tools and utilities
    • Boot wizard, firmware flash tool
    • Editor tag lists for configuration
    • Practical exercise
  • Software project
    • Project structure, components and targets
    • waf build system, waf scripts
    • Practical exercise, integrating new components
  • RTOS rcX
    • Fundamentals, rcX objects
    • Configuration, config.c
    • Drivers and middleware
    • TLR - Task Layer Reference Model
    • Practical exercise:
      Create new static task
      Configure and use UART driver
      Access to the Flash file system
  • Hilscher Protocol stack
    • Communication between application and protocol stack
    • Practical exercise

Target group

Software developer, project manager


Embedded C programming, interaction with integrated development environment and build tools, basic understanding of micro-controllers and their periphery


The overheads and training material are in English. The lectures can optionally be held in English or German.

Additional offers

NXS-PNS, NXS-ECS, NXS-EIS, introduction to the Real-Time Ethernet protocols PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP