Software Workshop

Basic training from Hilscher

Two types of license models available for implementing your concept:

  • Your application is running on the netX (Linkable Object Module)
  • The netX is used as a pure communications chip and the application is running on a separate host processor

To provide an initial introduction, we offer a workshop for both scenarios.


Loadable Firmware LFW
With the loadable firmware you use the protocol stack as out-of-the-box firmware, where the netX is seen as a „black box“. The workshop shows how to download the loadable firmware using Hilscher tools to the netX and communicate with it via the dual-port memory.

Protocol Stack
In addition to the basic topics, Hilscher offers a protocol workshop for each protocol. In this workshop the basics of the protocol itself and how these could be implemented with the Hilscher stack are explained.


Has an error occurred during your development phase and you can not afford to waste time with troubleshooting or were you in the pre-certification phase and encountered a problem and do not know how to fix it?
Then we offer the opportunity of analyzing your code together with our experts, to find out where the error is and how to fix it.

WorkshopDuration/ Order no.
Loadable Firmware Workshop1 day / NXS-LFW
PROFINET Stack and Protocol Workshop1 day / NXS-PNS
EtherCAT Stack and Protocol Workshop1 day / NXS-ECS
Ethernet/IP Stack and Protocol Workshop1 day / NXS-EIS
POWERLINK Stack and Protocol Workshop1 day /NXS-PLS
Sercos Stack and Protocol Workshop1 day / NXS-S3S
Troubleshooting Workshop1 day / NXS-TS
netX 90 Workshop1 day / NXS-NETX90