Device testing & certification

Interoperability tests at the Hilscher test center

You don't have the PLC from the market leader in your office or don't have time to familiarize yourself with its operation?
Then you can come along with your device and set it up together with an experienced service technician in our test center. Your device will be operated on the same bus with other devices available on the market and checked to ensure they don'?t interfere with each other.

Certification support from Hilscher

If your software and hardware are completely developed, Hilscher provides assistance on the path to a certified device. Beginning with a pre-certification test at our facility through to complete certification of your device by an accredited certification laboratory.

WorkshopOrder no..
Testing GSDML, RT-Test, Diagnosis, Alarms, Netload testNXS-PNS-RT-TEST
Testing GSDML, RT-Test/IRT-Test, Diagnosis, Alarms, Netload testNXS-PNS-IRT-TEST
Conformance test in accordance with the current EtherCAT specificationNXS-ECS-TEST
Conformance test in accordance with the current Ethernet/IP specificationNXS-EIS-TEST
Conformance test in accordance with the current Sercos specificationNXS-S3S-TEST
Plugfest with interoperability testNXS-PLUG
Interoperability test at the Hilscher test centerNXS-INTOP
100BASE-TX test in accordance with ANSI X3.263-1995, IEEE802.3-2012 subclause 25NXS-IEEE
Certification by an accredited testing laboratoryNXS-CERT
Review on an hourly basisNXS-NP