FDT 1.2.x, FDT2

For more than 10 years, we have been successfully developing and selling the FDT-based complete solution, SYCON.net, and customized software components. SYCON.net is a multi-protocol configuration, parameterization and diagnostic tool for fieldbus devices in the automation industry. It supports all major fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems.
Several customer-specific adaptations as well as seamless integrations into third-party engineering tools have already been implemented. Based on the Hilscher standard, SYCON.net, we can provide scalable, custom-designed versions tailored to the customer's needs. We provide vendor-neutral generic interpreter DTMs for factory automation protocols for easy device integration. Our flexible gateway DTM solution allows for any combination of protocols supported by the netTAP gateway.
The continuous programming of internally developed and external device and communication DTMs increase their number and our experience at the same time. This makes us a competent technology partner for FDT/DTM. Take advantage of our extensive FDT knowledge paired with our unique experience in fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet technologies and gain access to proven asset management tools using the industry standard FDT technology.