netFIELD IoT ecosystem

Empowering communication

APP Container

Our netFIELD IoT ecosystem is built on Docker container technology that lets you package software applications to run quickly and reliably in different environments.

You can rely on our turn-key Docker containers for your own IoT environment. Our focus is on providing you with gateway containers for your communications infrastructure. With netFIELD you can aggregate and transfer data transparently and in compliance with official standards.

We have the right app container for your edge solution—from public cloud platform connectors such as AWS or Microsoft Azure to local applications such as an MQTT data broker or monitoring applications. With our containers you can also collect and make use of machine data in brownfield applications.


netFIELD App Edge Monitor - Extended monitoring of edge devices

Extended device diagnosis in netFIELD Cloud


netFIELD App MQTT Broker - MQTT broker

Official open-source MQTT Message Broker Mosquitto


netFIELD App Platform Connector - netFIELD cloud data broker

Payload broker between MQTT Broker and netFIELD Cloud