• AS-Interface
  • CANopen
  • CC-Link
  • CompoNet
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Profibus
  • Sercos

Configuration and Diagnosis Software

  • FDT based, multi-protocol all-in-one solution

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At a glance

  • Multi-protocol support
  • Stand-alone or embeddable in other engineering tools
  • Protocol-neutral process data inter face to PLC
  • Communication- and device-DTMs for all Hilscher boards
  • DD interpreter DTMs for third party field Devices
  • Configurable Gateway DTMs with various possible protocol combinations

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Vendor and protocol neutral FDT technology is best suitable for an efficient, consistent engineering in the process and factory automation. FDT/DTMs allow for a flexible integration of field devices into various engineering environments.

Hilscher provides with its configuration, commissioning and diagnostic software SYCON.net an FDT based all-in-one solution. The components are developed by Hilscher engineers with fieldbus know-how. Third party device DTMs fit into SYCON.net seamlessly. SYCON.net supports a wide spectrum of industrial protocols, eight Fieldbus and all current Real-Time-Ethernet systems and can manage complex heterogeneous network structures. Due to inherent flexibility of the component and FDT technology based SYCON.net we are able to provide scalable and cost effective solutions.




The SYCON.net configuration software is delivered on the following product DVDs:


Configuration AS-Interface Master

Configuration CANopen Master

Configuration CANopen Slave

Configuration DeviceNet Master

Configuration DeviceNet Slave

Configuration EtherCAT Master

Configuration EtherCAT Slave

Configuration EtherNet/IP Scanner

Configuration EtherNet/IP Adapter

Configuration PROFIBUS DP Master

Configuration PROFIBUS DP Slave

Configuration PROFIBUS MPI

Configuration PROFINET IO-Controller

Configuration PROFINET IO-Device

Configuration Sercos Master

Configuration Sercos Slave

Configurator is a PC-based program designed to facilitate easy commissioning of industrial networks (fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems) and integration of devices from various vendors by providing customized components, interfaces and functions and user interfaces and by featuring corresponding built-in protocol know-how for all supported protocols.