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    Evaluationboard for netSAFETY Module

    Target system for comprehensive evaluation

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    At a glance

    • Target system with comprehensive peripheral functions
    • Ideal for building up test configurations and evaluating
    • Integrated debug interface

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    Functional Safety integrated easily

    To integrate functional safety in an easy and cost-effective way into a product, Hilscher has developed the netSAFETY module for functional safety protocols. The module is multiprotocol-capable and it supports all Real-Time Ethernet systems with corresponding safety layers. As complement the company MESCO Engineering GmbH in Lörrach offers flexible workshops and additional services, to support customers during the design-in phase.

    The netSAFETY module can be used as design-in solution for all automation devices, which need to be upgraded with safe inputs and outputs, for example panels or keypads in production sites. The safety related data will be transferred via black-channel on the Real-Time Ethernet network and no additonal wiring is needed.

    The heart of the netSAFETY module is the netX 52 multiprotocol-chip as well as two F-CPUs, which combine realtime communication and functional safety on the same compact hardware. The module provides one safe output and three safe inputs, which meet the requirments of SIL 3 resp. PL e/Category 4.

    With netSAFETY the development work of the device manufacturer will be reduced by a substantial proportion, because hardware and software are already optimized to each other and the time-to-market of the safety solution will be decreased significantly. In addition it speeds up the certification process of the end product, as netSAFETY has already successfully passed the certification process at TÜV Nord for PROFIsafe.

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    NSFEB-M527220.000Evaluationboard for netSAFETY Module

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