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Detached network interface with M12-Connectors

Communciation for PC-based Automation

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At a glance

  • Universal interface for all Real-time Ehernet protocols
  • As spare part for PC/104, PCI-104, miniPCI and miniPCI Express cards

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PC cards in all formats for all protocols

The cifX PC card family is the unified standard supporting all Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus systems for PC based automation.

The protocol stack is executed autonomously on the PC card and process data exchange with the host is done via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA (Direct Memory Access). Thanks to the common Hilscher Platform Strategy all PC cards use the same driver and tools - independent of protocol and card format. Thanks to the netX technology there is exactly one hardware needed for the realization of all Real-Time Ethernet protocols. A change of the communication protocol is done by just loading a different firmware.

Always the right solution! Different cable lengths, M-12 connectors, additional NVRAM, extended temperature range, 2-channel cards or detached network interfaces – numerous hardware options always offer the right solution for your application. On top, a wide range of device drivers and a C-Toolkit, free of charge, are available.

The PC based automation is evolving and the Hilscher cifX PC card family keeps the pace. With continuous expansion for new standards, protocols and formats, as M.2, mini PCIe halfsize or CC-Link IE Field, customers are always prepared for new market demands.

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
AIFX-RE\M122800.101Detached network interface with M12-Connectors EtherCAT Master;EtherCAT Slave;EtherNet/IP Scanner;EtherNet/IP Adapter;Open Modbus/TCP Client;Open Modbus/TCP Server;POWERLINK Controlled Node;PROFINET IO Controller;PROFINET IO Device;Sercos Master;Sercos Slave;VARAN Client



Mini PCI is the well-established PCI bus technology in miniature format. The cards have a detached network interface and are used in particular in embedded designs or compact box PCs.