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CIF Device Driver for INtime

Support for Windows Real-Time-Extension

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At a glance

  • Standard application interface
  • One driver for all fieldbus systems
  • Automatic hardware detection for ISA, PCI and CompactPCI hardware
  • All devices can be used simultaneously (ISA, PCI, CompactPCI)
  • Up to four devices (ISA, PCI or CompactPCI) are possible within a system

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TenAsys Corporation’s INtime product is a real time extension for Microsoft Windows.

The INtime CIF Driver is a real time (RT) Driver (CIFINtimeDrv.rta) that supports CIF30 (ISA), CIF50 (PCI) and CIF80 (CompactPCI) cards.

The INtime CIF driver API is based on, and is identical to, the existing CIF device driver API for Windows defined by Hilscher GmbH.


The driver offers transparent access to the different devices. Therefore it hides the functional differences for ISA (including PC104), PCI and CompactPCI cards.

The cards can be selected by board number between 0 and 3.

Technical Details

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
DRV-INTIME6200.050CIF Device Driver for INtime