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CIFX/netX Device Driver for WinAC

Communication Interface Driver

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At a glance

  • Cyclic data (input/output) and acyclic data packets (SDOs)
  • Hilscher fieldbus Master and Slave
  • Conversion of input and output data from and to TIA data representation via XML file
  • Input/Output data block generation via XML configuration to SCL code converter
  • Example program for TIA Portal V12 or later
  • Based on the Hilscher CIFX RTX device driver

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The CIFX WinAC Driver offers transparent access to Hilscher CIFX devices. The driver functionality is located in the CIFXWinACDriver.RTDLL (CCX Software) which is called from the WinLC scan cycle via the WinAC ODK calling interface (SFB). Hardware access to the Hilscher hardware (Optional Third-Party Device) is based on the Hilscher CIFX RTX Driver for IntervalZero RTX (CIFXRTXDrv.rtdll). Necessary hardware configuration, firmware and configuration file settings are downloaded by the Hilscher CIFX Driver for Windows and stored in the Windows "Registry" and "Program File" directory. This information is used by the CIFX RTX Driver to get the Hilscher hardware into operation.

Technical Details

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Product namePart numberBrief description
NXDRV-WINAC6211.080CIFX/netX Device Driver for WinAC