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CIFX/netX Device Driver for RTX

Support for Windows Real-Time-Extension

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At a glance

  • Standard application interface
  • Based on the CIFX toolkit
  • Not dependent of the Fieldbussystem
  • Number of supported devices limited only by the real-time extension
  • One driver for all fieldbus systems
  • Driver configured using Windows Registry export file or direct registry access

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IntervalZero’s RTX® is a real-time extension for the Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista. The CIFX driver for RTX allows access to Hilscher netX based components (CIFX/COMX/netPLC/netJACK 100) with the same functionalities as those used by the CIFX Windows driver. It consists of a dynamic link library (RTDLL) that contains the CIFX toolkit. User programs accessing the driver functions by using LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress() requests.

Technical Details

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NXDRV-RTX6211.070CIFX/netX Device Driver for RTX