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    Linkable Object Module Open Modbus/TCP

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    At a glance

    • Protocolstack and operating system as C library
    • Own application on the netX
    • complete functionality of the Chip available

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    The "Linkable Object Module" (LOM) from Hilscher includes the protocol stack and real-time kernel rcX as C library. With the Linkable Object you have the possibility to develop your application directly on the netX. This enables you to use the full functionality of the netX controller. Typical use case is a "stand alone" solution, which means that no additional CPU is needed. For simply programming of the netX peripherals the rcX offers a complete driver set. The protocol can be used either over a shared memory API, which is identical to one of the external DPM, or directly via the Packet API of the protocol stack.

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    NXLOM-OMB7422.860Linkable Object Module Open Modbus/TCP



    The network controller family is the intelligent solution for implementing all tried-and-tested fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems in the smallest space possible. Hilscher offers not only the pure ASIC, but also the appropriate software plus development boards.