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    At a glance

    • Target system with comprehensive peripheral functions
    • Integrated debug interface
    • One evalutation board for all networks
    • Economical, easy to operate and complete

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    The system development board is the basis for a wide-ranging hard- and software development with netX.

    With the use of several netX CPU modules, different netX derivates can be used and evaluated on the system development board. At this, different interfaces, LC Display plus switches and LEDs as digital inputs and utputs are available and permit the usage of all functions. The signals on the pin stripes can be used for measurement or for connection with an own board. The dual port memory of the host interface can be driven over a ribbon cable to a NXPCA-PCI board to a PC.

    Besides the real-time kernel rcX the operating systems Windows CE, Linux an VxWorks are available on the system development board, if used togehter with a netX 100/500 module.

    Ordering information

    Product name Part number Brief description
    NXDB -SYS7701.001Development board

    The simplest and most economic way of evaluating the whole system is using the netX software development board. Your developed application can be loaded onto the board and run with our protocol stacks and, for instance, combined with the license-free rcX real-time kernel.