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RS485 serial interface module for netPI RTE 3/CORE 3

Module for netPI's bottom expansion slot

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At a glance

  • Freely programmable serial RS485 port
  • Connects internally to Raspberry Pi "Mini UART" on /dev/ttyS0
  • 1 start/stop bit,7/8 data bits,no parity
  • Switching between send/receive mode via software over GPIO pin
  • Example Node-RED node on Dockerhub/Github

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For maximum connectivity the devices netPI/Edge Gateway “Connect” are featuring an expansion slot at their bottom where different networking modules named NPIX (NetPIeXpansion) can be applied to. A containerized Node-RED software example at enable their immediate use when deployed. The source code is open and linked and serves as programming reference for other programming scenarios/languages. The NPIX board/slot dimensions and connector pinout are public for everybody allowing the development of own designs also. More at

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NIOT-E-NPIX-RS4851322.011RS485 serial interface module for netPI RTE 3/CORE 3

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