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Cloud managable IoT edge gateway 'netFIELD Compact'

Secure computing platform for containerized applications

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At a glance

  • Root of trust platform due to high assurance boot
  • Dual container runtime - one cloud-manageable and one default instance
  • Integrated web UI for effortless configuration and diagnosis
  • Centralized management by optional Cloud portal
  • Open for any containers based on ARM32/64 architecture

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netIOT Edge Gateways securely connect automation networks with Cloud or IoT directed application. As field devices they exchange cyclic IO data with the PLC and communicate furthermore with IoT capable field devices over OPC UA or MQTT directly. This real-time field data build the basis for intelligent IoT applications of cyber-physical processes in ERP/CRM systems in modern M2M enterprise solutions.

Integrated security mechanisms such as physical separation of the OT network and the IT network, a trusted operating system, the execution of signed firmware and packets only and the usage of encryption techniques of the latest standards are securing the data integrity and protecting against any kind of data theft.

The web based IoT wiring editor Node-RED serves to configure the data flow in the devices. Data apps and profiles are created herein in minutes with over 70 predefined function blocks called „nodes“. Features in addition to this set for the otherwise closed gateways are available on demand as netIOT Service products. Available are native cloud connectors to specific cloud solutions for post installation or services such as software adaptions and many more. Own software can be deployed on the system additionally using the preinstalled container software Docker.

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NFX8M-D2-N32-0101918.010Cloud managable IoT edge gateway 'netFIELD Compact'



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