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Gateway Switch TCP/IP (send/receive) to Sercos Slave

Connects standard LAN network with Sercos ring

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At a glance

  • Tunneling of any TCP/IP frames into the Sercos ring
  • Directly operational without further configuration
  • Web interface for additional configuration
  • Effortless installation with no effect on Sercos ring via two 2-port switch

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The Sercos Real-Time Ethernet system provides deterministic jitter-free data transmission for controlling and synchronizing drives. Parallel to this and based on a time-slot basis, standard Ethernet telegrams can be transmitted via a NRT (Non-Real-Time) channel. These NRT telegrams must be buffered for retransmission on a standard Ethernet network. The netSWITCH provides this buffer connection between the synchronized Serocs network and standard Ethernet. Besides the two Ethernet ports for Serocs is one Ethernet port for connection to a notebook or other standard Ethernet capable devices.

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NS-S3-1NRT1790.160Gateway Switch TCP/IP (send/receive) to Sercos Slave

The netSWITCH device class allows a conventional Ethernet system to be coupled with a Real-Time Ethernet system. Based on the respective RTE protocol and in accordance with standards, the Ethernet telegrams are coupled to or decoupled from the enclosed RTE system. The RTE devices can thus be addressed via their IP address directly via the non Real-Time Ethernet system.